tuesday 16 november

Good morning! We have another day packing a punch and getting us to stand up for the new rebuild of how things need to be in order to get us feeling like we are living again and seeing for the positive in life. There will be rain loads of heavy energy to come that deals with too much pressure and it forcing something else to step up and show.

What we will see in the collective is that people are suddenly acting or lurching or going for things – in the same way it is when the boat is filling with water and you realize you HAVE to do something, you have to think in a way that feels like fight, flight or freeze, but it can’t be freeze! This energy is like walking to the elevator where you have an important meeting 20 flights upstairs and seeing that the door is closing, so you bust ass to get to it and slip on through. The energy being called up in us is sort of fierce in how quickly it changes, but that you will see sometimes we need the last minute to really step into gear. Sometimes we stay lost in confusion until we actually see the door closing. Some door is letting you know you need to HUSTLE and get into this new space. So, expect to get lit up where you are NOT going to let something pass you by. But expect the provocation to be pretty intense – like maybe it will even get your heart racing. It will certainly wake you up!

Now others are in a serious space that proceeds the eclipse, and it is where you are full on into the fears of life and can really feel hopeless from what you are taking on around you. Many of you are considering death and need friends to reach out if you intuitively feel called to check in on someone. Reach out if you are in pain because this is when we are to connect and see that we are all in this together and that we DO LOVE EACH OTHER and do want to see that we all are okay. Something about the pain will pull others into supportive and nurturing positions where it feels real good to keep others going.

As you all know, I talked about reaching out to people and getting them to start putting food in the donation boxes in town or to donate to have others stock them. I just started talking about it at places like the dog park and when I meet people on the street. I just started letting people know – instead of staying sad that so many people in need were finding the boxes empty – after miles of walking or barely getting there by car – and mad that so many of the rich are overflowing and are actually in an excellent position to make a big difference – but instead are too focused on having someone use a weed blower to clear the autumn leaves every day to make sure they don’t dirty up the look of things.

Anyway. Last night, which was 2 weeks ago because I do these readings weeks early, I checked one of the boxes on my way home and there was a ziplock with some left over pizza that looked like goat cheese and black olives, and some other food things, but also on top was $5!!! ---- I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!! It made my whole face light up. I was so stoked for the next person to come looking for support. I told people too, like, don’t let things go bad in the fridge! That take out food? Put it in the box!! Make a habit of thinking of them as your roommate and think about putting out some food to show you care. But already something changed.

We must start a new way of bringing the solutions where we stick with the problem, and with a sense of urgency where we don’t give up on transforming the nightmare into something beautiful. We come together to make the world better and our voices with conviction of right or wrong is what gets us the rewards we hope for. Step up and show what you are passionate about that needs to be done better.


16 November 2021


MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 20 Aries to 1 Taurus


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self Love. #14 Complete the dream.

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