thursday 18 november

Good morning sweet baby! Tomorrow is the eclipse. Today is mentally busy with thoughts that will have you comparing the imbalance and seeing that something must change. Consider this energy needing you to just go along and accept what comes but to not get too stuck on trying to interpret it all. Things are in a stage where they are transforming into raw energy that will REALLY get more people to collectively shift. There have been strong themes in the readings the past 2 weeks like we have never seen in the 6 years of the Moon Vibe Guide. The frustration with how unconscious some are – when they are the ones who could shift the lives of all who suffer – and seeing how many are suffering, has put many of you into a tailspin where you can feel really agitated by how deep the corruption runs.

But just know, we awaken in strong ways that ignite passion towards doing what is right. This means we are getting up and going -- and so many of you are going into what will help you heal or get you to finally let go of an addiction that needs you letting this go and creating a new pattern.

We must face the extreme darkness in order to transmute it into light. We don’t get to just sweep it under the rug and hide it away in far off closets anymore. And facing this heavy material is why we are here now and what we were built to conquer! Not everyone is the Aquarius Nation, but we are here to do the work that makes it easier on the mainstream folk to awaken to the illusion.

You healing your backed up baggage is what opens your eyes to dreaming for more exalted results in life. Now that I found Taos, and Taos found me, I trust everything. I am so changed that people who have known me forever comment on it. My friend came a few weeks ago and was struck by how different I feel in her body, as she is super psychic too. But she commented that before I always felt a bit like popcorn and not that settled, because I never did ever have a place – and now I have a place and I’m just calm and mellow and patiently taking in all the experiences.

When she said that, it got me thinking about the ways we live on 3 legged chairs as we work through healing what was done wrong to us – and how we are not really ourselves when we are in healing – because we can't relax and be ourselves until we are on 4 legs. We are deep in the stages of grief and that means we may have years of anger or years of denial or years of bargaining. But where there is pain or cracks in the system, there will be many stages of expression in getting things back into proper form. If you break a bone, you got a serious process to get it back to normal, and it is several long-term things where you just have to work through the process, and trust that it can be better again. It can have you feeling like popcorn and not so settled.

But that is okay! What we need to see is that making it a negative is what keeps us from signing up and committing to the good soul work. We are popcorn until we settle into home, and THEN our true expressions blossom. So be kind with yourself and others as we collectively step into the healing cave to set the bones straight and face what we need to face. This will create a purge that opens much light on Earth! So, collect what needs to go and get rid of it all. Your energy is about to lighten from what you finally take off of your plate.


18 November 2021


MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 14 to 25 Taurus


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self Love. #14 Complete the dream.

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