sunday 7 november

Oh love! Something real big happens today and it will be when we notice changes in how others affect us. Some old habit is releasing out of you where you would make things your fault or look at their reactions as something negative about you. But no more! Or, at least it is that we are learning to not so quickly jump to this assumption of things. 

When you value yourself, you see higher reasons for the confusing things people do. But you tend to not take it personally. When we understand how wounded we all are – through going deeply into our own healing journey – we don’t tend to process people in the same way. We see why they are angry or try to dominate or push us away.  We understand that things are tangled when they have been done wrong – and it takes decades to unravel things back into best form. DECADES. Not months or years but 10’s of years. If you start in your 20’s you’ll be healthy in your 40’s. 

It takes so long for us to really be with a healthy ego and reactions that are not caustic and hurtful when we don’t get our way. The ultimate test on earth is, how do you respond when you don’t get your way? The true you speaks when those situations arise. And that is what is always in check with the Great Mystery – and you being able to shift into higher levels. 

But who is the real you behind all the fronts of how great you want others to believe you to be? Behind the façade, what sort of energy are you REALLY running through your system. As we heal, it gets to be like calm waters inside when we don’t get our way – BECAUSE we have such a deep faith that all is working out how it needs to in order to align with this big picture journey. When you value yourself, stops in the road are seen as a correction to align better things coming up ahead. When you are wounded, you will fall to the ground and scream out, why me!! This always happens to me! Nothing ever works out! I’m so broke! I’m so sick of this!! 

Those are the reactions of those in deep healing. That is saying that you don’t trust your place in the Universe and that you don’t think you are valuable enough to succeed. It is YOU thinking those things that now bury you alive.  They were planted in you, but now you keep planting more to have to deal with. 

At this time, you all will see into a tangle so that it can be undone and coiled back into a healthy response system. When you get it, you will be changed in a dramatic way. Be aware that this is why we are working for harmony today in our dealings where we aren’t so quick to go scarcity with it all. Why keep seeking that all is against you? It is time to shift into seeing that all is going your way. Something is to arrive that inspires you to do it different and to see that brand new results arrive because of this leap of faith trust with it all where you stop pounding into walls that are blocking you for good reason. 

Expect to see the way today – and for it to set you free. The old is NOT working anymore and it is NOT what you need to keep chasing for. Engage in a higher way.



7 November 2021

MOON PLANNER: Neptune. Venus.

MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 19 Sagittarius to 3 Capricorn


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be. #12 Self Love.

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