tuesday 2 november

What is coming for you is perfectly on schedule but many of you won't understand how this day hits you. It will send you into confusion and have you wondering about this and that. But I can say that I feel many of you are finally aligning with something or someone, and this is what is making it so hard to concentrate on the tasks of life! Something is coming to our awareness, and it may indicate change or is a sign that a pattern we changed is now growing or showing fruit. Expect that the day is mysterious but that it hits you hard when it takes you to where it wants you to go. 

You also will make a connection with how you feel about your creative gifts, and with where you are at this point in your life. If you feel like you are too lost and too far gone, you can really get popped today by something that hits you in ways you aren’t familiar. It also can have you asking, why am I feeling this? What is this heavy feeling for?

There will be much that leads you along but that doesn’t provide you with the answer just yet. So be okay with this! Just meander with what is going on around you, but do seek for resolution and for some sort of beautiful way for things to pan out. You are going deep in order to really discover something that is to set you free and put you into a more powerful position on earth. When we go through childbirth, we are stronger than we were before we went through it. 100% fact. Life presents us with dark caves of wonder, that push us to the max, and even often cause us pain that consumes us. But still, these times always lead to something greater, and you being changed because of the event. So, be calm with things and just be alert for what it all could mean. Receive and wait for what you are purposefully being delivered. It's all to get you golden and shining in your highest form. 

You also may feel real tired around this day and you are being given permission to rest. The magic you are to receive comes when you are doing things that you feel called to do, and if you only want to lay on the couch for 3 days and do nothing, then do it with grace! Don’t make it negative or doubt yourself for being “lazy”. Our processes are unique -- but extreme downtime is wildly common in the process. To be very uncomfortable in confusion to the point of stagnation is when we are just about to switch gears and stop going in reverse as we move it back into drive. Trust the actual shifting. You are okay even if you feel like you are losing your mind. Don’t judge how you blossom and transform back into better life.



2 November 2021


MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 5 to 18 Libra



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