sunday 31 october

Wow. Okay. We have something extraordinary in this day and it deals with you facing an x-ray machine that is looking to see how healed you are from your wounds. To still be in healing is okay, but at this time things are appraising us and what we manifest is a reflection in the mirror that we need to see. 

It may be that things affirm you at this time and you really start seeing that you do have a purpose and that your team and the things you need ARE here when you really do need them. 

But you also may feel all alone and as if something is really wrong with you and your future. You can buy into the old world fears and find comfort with others who are giving up on there being a solution. It is very easy to fall into negative thinking at this time where you feel angry and really agitated by how the old world has been running things and how it is pinning everyone into corners and creating so much pain. 

BUT. Realize that we NEEDED THIS TIME because ascension is a reality on the road to spirituality. Ascension is when we lose it all and find ourselves in new ways. It is NOT an easy part of the spiritual journey. Ascension is when the cracks show so that we can really heal and bring things into better form. It is the better form that we seek – and it comes from bringing you to your knees. To ascend, you must first beg for mercy. It needs to feel so bad and for so long so you really conjure up this powerful manifesting energy that opens a gateway and gets you to the other side. We don’t stay in ascension. It is like getting on the elevator that takes us up. But we don’t stay on it as it is just a tool for our elevation. 

And on a collective level, the world is going through mass ascension. What you need to know is that it IS A PART OF THE JOURNEY, and you are not here to fix it all and be the salve for everything. It is that thing where I tell you to pick an issue and give it your attention, but don’t try to take them all on or you will end up in a pool of tears and fears and slippery slopes that make it really hard to have hope again. To see it all, you keep your system from believing in the best. We are NOT to absorb all the disfunction, but we are to work to bring healing to a few areas that are our passion. We are bonded to certain things because we are here to excel at the teaching or message of them. I stay hooked into the ever-painful scene of shelters and the rescue groups. It is SO HARD to digest – but I am there for them, and I see them, and I use my energy to wish for the correction. So, I show up by using my energy for the good. And it helps me not get overwhelmed by all the bad I have to see. 

This time will be about you setting things straight and putting them into an order that facilitates you stepping into a new way of being. So, the new patterns that happen now are EPIC for laying the foundation for the better way you want things to be. Clean up your spaces and get ready to be busy. Be ready for something and you will draw it near.



31 October 2021


MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 7 to 20 Virgo


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be.  

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