sunday 24 october

Oh hello S U N D A Y!


Good morning! Today will feel a bit odd for many of you and you may feel totally scattered and unable to focus on what you WISH you could do. For this reason, it is suggested that you go with the flow and just play it carefree in how you greet the day. 

There have been many changes with your system over the last 2 weeks. Around this day, you can really feel it – and you are going to be talking about what just happened. Be clear with your voice and speak from the heart. There are ways to rebuild all situations, and better outcomes will arrive from you showing up different when before you would have acted out in the same way, in some way that deals with how you have been hurt in your past. 

TAKE NOTE that your body is registering things different, and you won't feel the same ways, or won’t get so worked up over things that you use to go automatic on. I’ve noticed this in my life over the past year. And it's been wild, but ALL situations I have walked have not even caused a ripple of upset or racing heartbeat or the heat of fury. Nothing affects me anymore. I just go with the flow of it and stay calm as I walk through it; I’m even so aware of each of the moments because I am so calm with it. But I never was before!!!! I’m a Pisces with Mars in the last degree of Sag, 1 degree from my Ascendant, and coming from the 12th house. I’ve always had VERY STRONG body feelings with strong life situations. Now my heart won’t even race! I’m a calm lake. Totally new to me – and I love it. 

But what this means for you is that you will notice the same in smaller ways, where you won't get so upset or freaked out or diving into fear. You will stand a bit more sovereign in TRUSTING that you can get through this and that it is a part of your life to live.

I actually just got it as I wrote this for you. But what changed in my last year is that I trust life for the very first time. I feel supported in Taos. I feel held in all the best ways in Taos. And therefore, whatever arrives I just know is for me to experience. So it is that we need to find ways to be grounded and in vibrations that are not at a bias. Because from there, we digest life as doable – where our heart does not race in fight, flight or freeze. 

How can you make changes in your life so that you are going with the flow and choosing for spaces that bring the essence of what you would like to see in your future? When I found Taos, I heard it as an inside feeling, tempting me to come visit. Many things that will give you ultimate joy come as inside invitations to wonder about them. This time is filled with new ideas that just need you taking the walkabout and finding your pot of gold that shows when you go out looking for it. You don’t need to know; you just need to go. Expect movement, sudden changes, tons of bridges to cross and you talking totally new about the journey. You GOT THIS, but you got to GO to get it. Change is the way.



24 October 2021

MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Venus. Neptune.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 11 to 22 Gemini



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