monday 25 october

Oh hello M O N D A Y!


Something is coming today where another person will show themselves in a different light – and this is to inspire you in seeing that we all can change and we MOSTLY just project things and don’t face our own issues – rather, we only see them blaring brightly in others. 

We are making a connection at this time that deals with our dance with others and how we are now learning to not stoke the fires and do things that make us seem badass. To be a badass, you just walk this badass life. But to always have to stand up and put others down or put them in their place is actually not badass. It's wounds that now are fired up and addicted to this feeling of dominating others – and being the one who is right. 

It’s kind of like putting up walls when we call them boundaries. We feel badass when we call them boundaries – but they are walls that are wound reactions to not being seen or getting what you think you need. Walls scream, I am mad, I am hurt, you let me down, get out of my life. Boundaries inform, this is how I allow it to be, you are doing something not okay with me. Boundaries come strong and calm. Walls come ready for a fight. When you understand the two, you will never mistake them again. Walls are mad. Boundaries, even though delivering sharp news, are still rooted in love – and value for self. Roses are boundaries. Always be like the rose when you bring your needs to the table. 

Many of you are facing things about yourself that have you feeling lost and wondering if you got something wrong. Things feel bigger or where you are noticing that there are sides that can pull you in and get you thinking something maybe IS wrong.  If you are here today, hang loose with where your thoughts do meander, but still steer them to a solution rising BECAUSE you are showing a need. Don’t look negative at what you see about your life or with where you thought you would be.

You remember how I told you about how 10 doors opened in the last month with new insight on how to upgrade the old things that I was doing – that were time consuming or monetarily draining or NOT supportive at all. All of a sudden, all these solutions popped into my reality, and there are even more now still coming! It's been the wildest thing. Now we are shifting gears to hop onto the new ways, but I had NO IDEA. I had no idea years would pass and then suddenly the answers were finally there.

We all must keep talking with that awareness in seeing that we don’t really know – and that is okay!! Also trusting that when things don’t feel right, they aren’t right. It is only when they really feel right that they are. But when you are wounded, your senses don’t understand those things. You chase after what was wrong, trying to make it right, and keep attracting unrequited love or things that never connect, because ultimately, they were wrong in the beginning, they will be wrong in the end.

Life is magic. Things will grow on us, but we are not to chase what we first think will be that way. Like, buying pants that don’t fit but seeing that they will be inspiration for you to do something about it so that they DO fit. No. We are only to purchase what fits right now. Now is where you design your life. With love, not with a knife. Now is where you go for what is here and only draw it near if it really feels like it affirms you. Swipe the hangers in the store and only go what you are looking for. Don’t just buy clothes that are just okay.



25 October 2021


MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 23 Gemini to 4 Cancer



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