monday 1 november

Okay! If there was pressure for you yesterday, it releases today. If you were already feeling on top of things yesterday, today you will feel like you are flying. This energy is working like a magnet so that we are ultra-aware of what sort of energy we put out there. We are not encouraged to have things hidden and backed up to the point we sit in a mess. Rather, we are to stay active in the maintaining of what we own and how we live our lives. 

For this reason, many of you are thinking about a new way to treat your body where you apply discipline. Just like how, when you are older, if you don’t stretch, you WILL walk with shortened muscles that make long gliding steps impossible. From taking the time to stretch, we have healthy muscles that keep working for us. But if we let things go, they stop supporting us in the ways THEY COULD if we applied discipline to the maintaining of them

So, expect to be looking around and thinking about what is holding you back because you aren’t facing that it needs your time and attention. Also do something different, like waking up and going for a hike instead of racing into automatic motion. See how you can start in a new flowing sort of way where you take care of yourself and do something that gives you peace of mind before you have to blast out into the world and be there for others. 

This is BECAUSE others are collapsing in a larger than life sort of way. It may be that you see pain in all directions. BUT STILL, you need to hold steady to your own grounding and sway with their drama as you let it blow through you like the leaves of the tree. It's important that you don’t take anything on at this time that comes from others because it can confuse you and get you into a negative space that gets you doing something not so honoring in the next few days. 

So be warned and be fluid with others where you don’t take it on and only listen with compassion. Don’t judge or give too much of yourself! SERIOUSLY. This is something to pass on because it will mess up your next few days. Your body is guiding you and this is just the confirmation. 

You are to only go towards what feels good, and when there you will see that there are better things to believe in. What falls is not what will be rebuilt. Be with life, but see with the eyes of what you wish to be created. Solutions are finding us and they respond to our strong want for them in our lives. Don’t settle and don’t look back. There is a new and better way to do this. You do got it in you to complete the dream. Continue on and stay positive about what you see. Sit in harmony.



1 November 2021


MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 20 Virgo to 4 Libra



#14 Complete the dream.  

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