thursday 7 october

Oh hello T H U R S D A Y!


And the day after a new moon we have a 22 day! EPIC. SO. Be aware that the rewards continue and more and more of you are making the correct moves for your soul and not for the status quo. Things collapsing are not to be what affects you. We are to never again think we are to take it all on and be the savior for all that needs to be healed. 

When we try to be here for it all and to see too many sides of what reality is, we scatter our energy and aren’t able to even have steam to get things done in our own lives. Too much is never good. Too far into the extremes is never ever a good place to be. This energy will reboot you into being more direct and sure with your moves, where you are purposefully going to what feels good. This is not about denial and with your head buried in the sand. This is about valuing your time and space so that you are keeping up with what needs you and not staying locked into confusion JUST BECAUSE you have the ability to see all the sides of things. 

This energy is trying to adult your decision making so that you do what is right and do what needs you right now. It's not about trying to keep narrowing things down into understandings. It's about taking what is here, digesting it quickly, and running with that. This is about NOT looking back to the point you are fully muddied and confused and needing a nap.

This new energy wants you sharp with the AWARENESS that there is much to what is going on, but a directness in knowing which way to quickly go, as if flood waters are rushing in and you need to grab what is important and RUN with it. Your new energy is to be quicker like this, where you don’t stay locked in sadness or the feelings that you have no power – but rather, do what you can, if something CAN be done, and then keep moving into what is bringing harmony or balance to things. It's about movement and seeing for beauty. It is more important that you vibe love than vibing what you do when you look too much at all that needs to be healed. Think about this.

You also may be tested with someone where you are to NOT say mean things and NOT try to power trip or control them. If they are not going your way, so what? Let them be sovereign upon themselves. You MAY overstep and say things that you quickly regret. IF YOU DO, you DID fail the test of the 22 day -- BUT to correct this, you just need to apologize or set it straight with the other that you did cross boundaries. Maybe they did too first, but you are to show yourself higher today where you don’t need to be the dominate winner and the one who knows best. If what you delivered doesn’t feel good, you must do something to correct this. Then on the next 22 day, you WILL be rewarded.


7 October 2021
MOON PLANNER: Pluto. Saturn.
MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds
MOON DEGREES: 26 Libra to 11 Scorpio
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #7 Settle into truth. #11 See why it had to be.

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