sunday 17 october

Oh hello S U N D A Y!


Good morning sweet pie! Now we have some situations going on today that need our attention. On one hand, you will be asked to come out of the shadows and reveal what you really feel, and on the other hand, something is shifting because new information is forcing it into another light. 

For this reason, people can feel awkward in this energy because they don’t want to have to assert and go outside the lines, but you will also know that it's time to go or it's time to do this because things HAVE changed. We must adapt and keep moving. We must accept and surrender and trust that ALL OF THIS has great meaning in the big picture of it all. No is to be something we are strong with, but not negative with. No is just the process of cooking things and letting you know if they are ready or not. No. No. No. No. YES! And we trust this when we cook. Now we need to trust this with what life dishes out for us. 

Expect to start noticing around this day that the drama or the fear stories or the negative just won't have the same hold on you. And instead, it will feel like you want to push it away – or that you can clearly tell that it is a toxin. You may run into those who are like a wet blanket and the feel of it is to teach you some things. This may deal with them or your past behaviors, but it ultimately is talking about if you think this is good enough and what you want to have to process on the norm. Is this fun? Or is this too high maintenance, or just not fitting like it maybe used to. 

There is a harmony that is natural when things are to be where they finally reside. When the ball reaches the hole, it glides right in. But until then, it rolls, looking for the hole. We are to realize that things that fit today maybe won't in 8 weeks. And for this reason, we go with the flow of life and trust that all of this is for getting us up the mountain in life. No test is not there for a reason. When you let go and ride your life this way, all bad signs are instant moves on your part, and not where you waffle and wonder if you are feeling this for good reason. 

When the bad sign comes, we are to turn on our heels and start heading out the door. We are not in a space where we are to keep adapting around the dysfunction – and only because, at this time, we are being tested to show that we deserve better. This means we have to bravely follow our intuition and the guidance we feel when certain things happen, and we are taken over by them. Like falling in love and meeting the person you were meant to be with. Like getting the dream job and feeling how high it feels to be valued. 

Our intuition leads us to our utopias. As a kid coming up in Southern Illinois, outside of St. Louis, I ALWAYS knew I would move to San Francisco. I talked about it often. I just knew I would leave and go there – even though I didn’t know one single thing about it and only saw a few of the famous pictures. It was just a feeling I had. And I DID move there at 24. And even moved back at 32. My entire life has been built upon leaps of faith that felt like things I just HAD to do. And I have never let anything stop my intuitional system from guiding the way. Which is why I may seem erratic or unstable or unsure. But, I am a Pisces fish going down the river of life, and it IS erratic and it often IS unstable at times, and to travel this way IS where you are unsure often.

But. Now I am a fish that found Taos. And now I am home and am not looking for anything else. The way it feels here is what I have been searching for my whole life. I kept moving because things didn’t feel right. But now everything feels right. Everything is easy. Everything is magical. Everything feels like it goes my way. Even that I first stepped foot to these lands, and a week and a half later got the most awesome home in town that I LOOOOOVE. Like, the moment I surrendered and said, what about Taos? And I was provided the best life I could dream for. I always thought I would move to New Zealand. And now I know it is actually New Mexico where I am supposed to be.


17 October 2021


MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling

MOON DEGREES: 16 to 27 Pisces


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #9 Clear your space. #14 Complete the dream.

Jupiter DIRECT at 22 degrees Aquarius

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