sunday 10 october

Oh hello S U N D A Y!


This day is going to speed things up and show us deep truths about what we now are leaving and saying goodbye to. There will be confirmation or support that lets you know your leap of faith and the work you are doing on becoming your better version IS what you were supposed to do. Expect that you may have to believe in yourself and not follow along even though it may upset others or get people thinking something is wrong with you.

With mutable signs, and people – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – you have quick and sudden changes that could not be predicted, but that are moving on this innate flow that deals with going where called or doing what inspires. And these sudden movements only come because something else that was a surprise came to inspire this sudden movement. 

With love, you come together and think one thing, but when you walk the journey, there may be a sudden change that ends it all BECAUSE of something that came in to inspire this other view. Little things are deal breakers or mind awakeners. And we have to learn to go with the flow on these and TRUST that there is a higher power orchestrating them so that we DO listen to our bodies and not just leap because we said we would weeks ago. Mutable signs often change because of truth inside evolving into new eyes. With new eyes all we can do is see what is the reality in front of us. And with that, the energy moves us into new directions. 

Other signs do not operate this way. They stay and follow what they said they would do, or they continue on because of pressure in needing to keep others happy and not rock boats. But the only truth vibers are mutables. But they also disrupt things and trigger others with anger over their “selfish” moves. 

This energy wants you to know that life WILL TEST YOU with moments where you just HAVE to separate or not continue with what feels suddenly NOT okay. We are to honor that THIS IS THE TEST to see if you actually value yourself and your future enough to follow what is clearly telling you that something needs to change. We ARE to uproot and assert when inside we feel this is something we must do. And we must not allow our minds to confuse us in thinking our move was not correct or ended up causing so much trouble. These moments are here to bring discomfort in this moment now -- that will lead to better times in the future. No mama claims that childbirth was like going to the spa. For many, it was the worst.

The best gifts come from the worst labor pains. Just remember that. You were programmed by the internet to chase the easy and the pharmaceutical pill that “fixes” it all. We were actually programmed to NOT want to do work and to NOT apprentice with the natural flows of life. Therefore, we reject depression – when really, it is a healing space that will eventually bring us to more powerful energy. Depression moves – after it sinks. Emotions inspire – after they bring let down. Allow your story to change at this time. The old doesn’t need you staying focused to one view. Turn around and see for the education of where you have just been and how NOW you get to start in a new direction.


10 October 2021

MOON PLANNER: Black Moon. Neptune.

MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds

MOON DEGREES: 9 to 23 Sagittarius


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #10 Happy Happy Joy Joy. #11 See why it had to be.

SATURN DIRECT 7 degrees Aquarius

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