saturday 9 october

Oh hello S A T U R D A Y!


It’s the weekend! And for some reason you are really feeling like you notice this and are aware of the time that is called, the weekend. It means we are to stop what we were doing and look back into what supports us so that we are being taken care of with down time and taking care of the details of life. If things back up, nothing is going to operate as planned. 

The weekend is about going with the flow and putting energy into what has been ignored and that needs a little love. BUT. When we hate our week, we can't love the weekend. It is essential that we are learning to create a week we love, where we are valued and supported for what we love to do. That is ALL most of you really want. Or you want a loving partner. So. It's essential that we face these things on our to do lists and wishes for better futures, and DO THE WORK that gets us closer to the light of those dreams.

Energy is new inside of your body now. It's almost as if your blood has changed. But what runs you is going to be this desire to chase whatever comes and to not keep hiding and putting things in closets and not really facing what is in the way or guiding you as a sign. When you feel like you got a full tank of gas and time to do a road trip, you focus on the hope of what will come, instead of the fear that you will run out of gas and are making a mistake. 

As you accomplish more, and more, that needs to be cleaned up, you will see very clearly into a brighter future that will have you gunning it for more, and more, life experiences. You will WANT to use TV time to fold your clothes into joyful little squares. You will want to plan to build that ikea piece for after dinner and not just go straight to the chair and lounge with things visually taking you away. You will be thinking ahead with projects for the next days – so that you flip into this new pattern where you keep on doing what inspires you to do it. To get that rough looking piece from the garage sale and to have plans in the next 2 days to start painting it and getting it ready for its next beautiful use. You will want to do and create and be here now with all that you still DO have time to do.

Energy changes. Time changes. When in the love, you DO see you have so much time to get so much done. And then it will be about planning and booking our time with more structure and discipline around building better lives. The professor does not start in that position. The mama does not start in that position. The pumpkin does not start in that position. Your goals start in something other than what they will become. So allow yourself to become as you do, and do even more, to keep cleaning out and clearing the way of what is toxic to you. We have allergies to things and it's just on us to honor the inflammation they bring, valuing ourselves as we let them go to be replaced with harmony.


9 October 2021
MOON PLANNER: Pluto. Venus. South Node.
MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds
MOON DEGREES: 25 Scorpio to 8 Sagittarius
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #10 Happy Happy Joy Joy  #14 Complete the dream.

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