new moon in libra | mvg 139

Hi! I got some amazing readings for you! The next 2 weeks are full of epic changes and quick transformations and a whole other world unfolding! SO HONORED to be on this journey with you!

And I did something different this time with the new moon readings because I am short on time as we just discovered so  many new things that weren't available before in my business, so my team is now fixing the foundation before they get into computer work. It takes so many hours to put the guide together and link things and do blogs and posting. And THAT work depletes me like nothing else. Its SO HARD for me to do it now. So by next issue, or the next, it will be fully off my plate and I will be so happy to only focus on readings and crystals!! :) Then I will give you all the love you deserve!


SO THIS ISSUE!!! I only did 4 readings that I asked to be shown what we all need to hear. I titled them by a crystal, AMETHYST, ROSE QUARTZ, TURQUOISE and AQUAMARINE and you will pick one of those that calls to you and THAT will be your reading!! Next issue I'll have all 12 readings again.


What do you intuitively choose?

Amethyst? Rose Quartz? Turquoise? Aquamarine?

Trust your choice!


~ A M E T H Y S T ~

This is your time to wake up to a new grounded way of running your life so that you aren’t so bogged down by shame, blame and regret -- to the point you ARE  staying stunted and not shifting to the next level in life. I’m seeing this energy as you needing to shift your car as now you are wanting to go faster but are still in some old mode of how things were being done. It's time to RADICALLY change your daily schedule into something that is about more action and more change as you learn to go with the flow AND keep moving. You will finally notice that things are falling into place

THE MOMENT you surrender and start looking to do things different. This means waking different, going through the day different, eating different, thinking different. It's about you opening to a whole other chapter where you HAVE GOT to let go of the past and open fully to what next can be. Something in your life is ready for you to take that last step where your foot fully leaves the step below. And to not take a thing with you! It's time for the new and it will come now so that you can rebuild the view you have held on your position in life -- as something wants to grow from all your hard work that deals with your creative gifts and something that IS HERE to support you. It's time to look to the light and to see that wonderful things are coming from the big changes you are going through. Health will be the biggest focus and also where you will have a shift in seeing that you DID get something wrong but that you also don’t have to keep seeing it in a negative light. 

In reality, you all will see your dots connect and you will understand why things took so long or put you into cycles that feel like they never changed. We all are here to apprentice in things that teach us fully. You are in a grounding period like this where you will get to understand why you were sent into the trenches and things did not go as planned. Ultimately you are to seek for what gives you joy, but first you have to give yourself permission to experience joy. And your view must change to get you seeing for the light in what now invites you to go for more – and to discipline yourself into trusting that you CAN rebuild your position up the mountain and CAN see in your mind that you WILL step into some place that does  value the service you bring. 

This time is when you are to really face all the hidden spaces around you that are collecting dust or dirty energy from being neglected and ignored. These things matter and what we live around is what we embody as our truth. There are pieces that need your attention and you seeing for more beauty that will be your future. It's time to look up to the bright hope of new days and to let go of seeing for how it can still be more of what it was -- where there is control over you that keeps you feeling cursed or seeking for ways to see your current life as payback for what was. You can let all of that go. You are invited to see that your steps are a necessity in getting you higher. We just need to lose our old world interpretations on how things should look. From pain, we open to the greatest loves. From death, we are inspired to live our dreams. If you get up and go into a new direction at this time, it will provide you exactly what you need to rebuild your role in the world and what you do that teaches or plans a better future. 

An example of perspective you need to be holding comes from my life journey. First, remember that I didn’t even step out with my career until I was 41 – even though my astrology gifts started blossoming at 28. And I had NO INTEREST in crystals AT ALL until I woke to their actual energy a few months ago. And now my career is shifting into this new focus – completely out of the blue and not what I was expecting! But my love for crystals is EPIC now and it's all I want to talk about. So, trust those things and understand that if I pushed my gifts when I was younger, I wouldn’t have learned all the lessons that really ground me in as an authority. I would hold the lofty energy of them, but not the grounded energy of true wisdom. 

Your path is similar, and you need to trust what you are here to bring into balance and heal THROUGH walking the journey. Things are to change the way you appear to us in regard to your role and what you bring to others. You bring this balancing beauty that sees to all sides and offers powerful truths that help us rebuild in better ways. So learn your journey and trust that you need what you get to position you most beautifully. You will see! 

Something will uproot you or bring a jolt that gets you thinking about stability and scarcity and where you thought you would be. When this drops, use your mind to see for glass half full and step into a new energy of trusting the process and not thinking you need to understand each step of the way. It's really just on you to let go of solutions or seeing actual proof and listening to your body as you find this new flow that will be your new daily way to be. You got to surrender to what will get you wanting to stay busy. The old path will no longer work for you. Be excited for what is on the way because things ARE coming to the other side, and it WILL change how you feel about your NEW position in life.



~ R O S E  Q U A R T Z ~

Oh love! Change is coming from something that is through the internet or publishing or with something that helps to get you into the eyes/ears/hearts of others. A connecting point is on the way, and it deals with putting you and your gifts into better position so that you are truly in a space that you LOVE to be in. There is a lot that you have ignored or pushed into drawers and closets that needs your attention before things can totally move you forward. Your energy is SO important and it's not okay to hide things as you are to rebuild in how you handle what really just needs your attention. 

But also, this is about getting you to write new stories about the love, creativity and good times that are in your future. And about really seeing that you are not stuck in one position, and things ARE growing into a potential space. You are to see the light up ahead, and now to really position yourself in a new way where you are positive about being able to do what you love AND feel like you are free to move about organically in the world. You need to see through the many steps and things that need organizing as you make way for this path up ahead that WILL get you to farther lands. 

This time last year you had similar feelings where NOW IS IT – but then things didn’t fly as planned or they didn’t go as big as you thought. This time is a 2nd time to do something better and to really be present in what YOU WOULD LIKE things to look like. This is 100% NOT about looking out and creating an image through the eyes of what is or has been done by others. It’s about looking to your own approval and really learning how to say yes or no so that you see how you actually DO want to do it different. Others don’t need to poke fingers over your shoulders and guide your way. YOU need to listen to what your heart is saying and change how others see you through showing up different. 

Your flowers will blossom, and they may surprise you! This means you will be reaching, when before you kept quiet, and going for more as if you feel like time is limited and you don’t want to waste a second of all the new things to explore. You will manifest something in the next few weeks that shows you that you DO have a home here. It will offer light into spaces you thought were no longer growing. 

What needed to happen is that you start rebuilding what you see as the potential so that you actually look at things with new eyes. When you have the time to refinish a dresser, you look at all thrift goods with new eyes. And when you have more time BECAUSE you value your gifts and the joy you feel from doing what you love to do, you will be able to feel like you are doing more. This time is to surprise you by changing your schedule so you aren’t overdoing it and instead are fine tuning it into what you really love -- and it will be what empowers you to use your energy differently so that you are feeling free in the brain and with hope for new lands and spaces to share the best of who you are. 

It's important that you are sensitive and soft and honoring what your heart is telling you. It may bring messages of change and you won't want to hurt others or do things that change how they see you. You are to NOT let that hold you back. However your heart reaches and how your body FEELS around things is where you HELLA need to pay attention. Your body is growing stronger in order to tell you where and what needs to change so you are growing in the most abundant ways. 

When we are kids it’s great to be under the support of parents. When we get older, we want our freedom. You are in a change like this. So don’t get down on what you don’t have yet or with all the mysterious steps it will take to untangle things. Just be hopeful that now is when you move into a new thing and IT IS to get your heart singing. It's time for feel goods to be your daily thing and it 100% depends on you taking a risk of the heart or a leap of faith. You won't get what you want just yet, but you need to be standing up and voting for it – in knowing your thing will win. 

You also may need more downtime or rest and just won't have the energy just yet. Honor that some things will drain you, but others will energize you. Just follow where you stay energized because what drains you is in need of collaboration with others to hand off or release things that aren’t your things anymore. You will discover much through meditation and hiking and new exercise ways of being.

Your mind is on putting things in order, but you rise in new ways, so you must value the process in discovering again who you are and how to build your current moment so it grows into a new elevated expression of your career or space that holds your future dreams. You are changing and you will discover that you can trust your feelings and they need you mapping out a new plan that deals with things being determined by you. But. This moment now is also very confusing because you don’t have the answers and you aren’t yet totally seeing the way. This is because games are changing right now and you 100% are in need of changing lanes. This does cause things to feel uncomfortable because you will have to assert on a leap of faith. And the instability will cause the potential for doubt or extra mental confusion. 

Still, pretend you are on a roller coaster and enjoy the ride! This will settle in no time and now is just trying to get you to surrender and let it go and laugh as the pieces come together. Don’t cry thinking you need things the old way or even through looking through the eyes of the old way. If you don’t get sales or attention or the thing you thought, just say, good, I have time to do these other things and will get what I need later. Don’t look at all moments as needing to produce. You are learning to let go more and use your visualization to lead the way. There is a new story rising when you listen deep inside and believe in what you feel.



~ T U R Q U O I S E ~

This is the shift you have been waiting your incarnation for! It’s that big. So. You, more than any other sign, have been rewired in such a way that your foundation will shift into a new cycle where you are facing things with a stronger disposition in working to put them into order – instead of allowing them to become the fears that drive you into the gutter. You will notice that you are walking different, and it will be about feeling ready to assert when you are called to tackle whatever is on your path. How you USED TO BE was in apprehension and with seeing things as if you are a victim, and YET ANOTHER THING is now pounding you into the ground. 

It has been the programming that got you to see yourself as smaller and NOT having a home that now needs to release from your system so that you don’t keep looking for trouble and keep expecting to not be able to get your way. In the old world, MANY were marginalized in order to shift focus into who is paying more for the attention they think they deserve. It's all about pushing others out in order to get exclusively to the top and BE this egoic image of fame or success. 

MOST Aquarius in some way were marginalized. It's why you incarnated to be the sign of the new way. Because you GOT to know the struggle and the hard life of seeing others succeed when you are being held back in some way from a path that you KNOW you are an authority and DESERVE to be at the top. But you HAVE to walk the real road of not getting your way in order to find out what way you really do want to get. Because chasing the Southern California dream is illusion – and it's old world. It's too money and superficial driven to be healthy for the new earth ways. The new ways are about substance and an actual vibration that naturally elevates and brings opportunities to rise. It's not about taking stimulants and faking things to force the way. But you learned that it is! You learned to be just as capitalistic as we see others disgracefully being. And it is time to stop seeing that as your potential, and instead keeping with your deep work that IS changing your vibration -- as it WILL change the way your foundation runs. 

This also says that rewards are coming that will help you rebuild faith in the Great Mystery to be guiding you just as it needs to be. Things don’t go wrong; they go changed. And it's on you to now become the person who goes with the flow and keeps anchored with this other wisdom that a bigger story is playing out, and even the flat tires are perfectly timed in order to get you aligned with other people and things. You JUST NEED to stay positive in your mind – and out of fear and negativity. Then you’ll get to really see how you can get your kite off the ground from the new level of trust you are showing in all that transpires. 

You MUST change now because there is an open gateway, and you sit at the cusp of stepping into a whole other feeling way to be. But you GOT to let go of the past and how you functioned BECAUSE of how others messed you up and cut off the dreams you think you should have been living. Don’t see down when it's not complete yet! The whole test is just trying to get you to see that you ARE special and you are NOT like the other signs. And because we move into the Age of Aquarius, you are to be our teacher. But we don’t want book information. We want ACTUAL first connection, authentic delivery gifts from you. Don’t chase the fake because it is collapsing in our world now. It was built on illusion and the New Earth wants you in authentic form. 

This time now will bring a sudden change that gets you seeing you DO need to focus on what you have been hiding in the closet and not facing, and you DO need to talk like there is another side you are working towards. Your mind is being shifted to talk like you do have a right to exist, and this will move you to stand up strong with boundaries so that you aren’t just caving into what others have manipulated you to THINK is the way you got to go. It's time to come outside of the lines but in ways that really ground down a new way for you to be living life.

There also may be some connection with money and scarcity and how staying focused on just surviving is keeping you just surviving. Yes, when we are on the edge of a cliff, it IS harder to stay hopeful that we will one day get to safe and secure wide-open spaces. But this is also an Earth Walk test! You ARE and HAVE BEEN tested to see if you can still see your place in the future with hope that it won't always be the way it is now. And this time brings a shift to all of that, so you DO finally get to step away from the edge.

Be grateful as the surprise falls on your path that gets you seeing for a new light. You may even notice that it shifts so much now, and things are more naturally coming your way. Just know that all the changes are coming from your insides and how you are not wasting valuable energy of worry and fear. Why give the short amount of time you have left to something you don’t want anyway? At other times you maybe won't shift from this question, but now it can awaken you wildly. You ARE going to get to the bottom of things, but you DO got to keep busy in facing what needs you cleaning it up and putting it in order as you touch each piece and face that you CAN handle this. We just need you seeing inside that you are able to rebuild and work through a solid creative expression that IS as valuable as gold. Your ideas and works of art are ready to go through a shift. Be excited for the light that is soon to show you a whole other way to be traveling. Paths change soon!! Stay strong and with hopeful anticipation. Nothing to fear here!!



~ A Q U A M A R I N E ~

This is when the epic changes come that ultimately will rebuild your role out in the world and with what you are here to do to make a difference. This is the most exciting news ever! So. Things are going to fall into place like they never have before. Synchronicity will align you with eyes connecting into the things that are what you are here to offer as assistance to others. The ways you are here to bring balance and healing and solutions of betterment to ALL is where you will be positioned. 

Something will change out of the blue that deals with your creative gifts and with things that happen around your neighborhood that suddenly connect you into seeing that you ARE valuable and you DO have things to share with the world. Your creations and writings and ways that you have been working on things FOR SOME TIME are now going to flip into position so that the sun is shining on you. This is giving me goosebumps sitting here with you and this energy! It's time to show that all the discipline and apprenticing you stood solid with, even when the world was going full speed ahead in this other capitalistic manner, is now going to bring growth and show that YOUR WAY IS THE BEST WAY. It always has been, and now you are finally going to come out of the shadows and own your power in some way. 

Now. Listen again to how this is blossoming BECAUSE you stood solid in doing the work over time without receiving what you wanted to receive from it. It's all about things that are NOT flashy and quick and this puffed up thing that is not really what it appears to be. But rather, where you really dug in your heals and patiently learned to be an authority on something is WHY you now will see the light coming your way where it will feel like others have awakened to YOUR power. This is actually growing from you, but on the outside, yes, you are shining a new light – and it's apparent to many. 

Things are also magically aligning you with the people who really understand your depths and who clearly see your value without you thinking you have to be this other thing to meet their needs first. See for the glass half full in walking different in how you show yourself so that others ARE steering into this other way. Own that you have a right to be here now and to be an influencer who is stopping things that are not correct. You will get many reasons to stand up and stand loud with what you believe in. And this time DOES want you making it louder and standing firmer. 

Just think like that. Think like it needs to come out of you different, but where YOU aren’t holding yourself back because of public opinion and things that influence you to not love your natural shape. Where you forgive yourself and have compassion for how wrong you think you got it on your climb up the mountain, you will see to the other side, and you will see that it all actually is perfect in hindsight. The time spent on the edge of the cliff, while HOPING, HOPING it will all work out, WAS an on purpose experience to get you believing as you walk the unpredictable journey of life. 

Think that the edge you walked was actually a short cut to the highest position. From that sacrifice, a new life will unfold. For many reasons, you will be given the chance to see that your purpose and this moment now is where you only want to be. The past is falling away as the fears won't have hold over you anymore. 

Do expect this sort of surgery work to take place as you are shown over and over that the other side of this actually IS better for you in the long run. This will last for the next 3 months as many things will finally come into position and you’ll see it was all worth it. SO DON’T GIVE UP.

You all are healing right now as you clear away things that manipulated you to be smaller. Even with collaborations or certain people that were jealous of you and therefore they pushed you into hiding -- where you have been pushed into before. Just know, after this energy shift, these kinds of people won't stick to you any longer because inside of you will be a new version that doesn’t take shit. 

This doesn’t mean you are to be mean – it means you are to be clear with boundaries that you ONLY take the best. The moment any horse shit comes up, you will be out of there. When you realize that you ARE the precious gem here, you won't allow anything to diminish that again. But. ALL Pisces came into this incarnation being squashed down. So, for you to rise again is an epic moment and it's not something that happens often in our life. It happens at certain moments like NOW when we are ready to stop hiding our truths and to finally use our voices to speak up about how we feel. 

At this time, it's all about your creative things and the ways you want to be a craftsperson or where you want to get your hands into the process of healing or giving of your gifts. Go for high quality in all and expect the best. This is your new motto. It's really about you shedding the skins of the victim and stepping into a higher understanding that you don’t have to see it that way. You don’t have to see that others DON’T see you or DON’T value you. You just need to see that YOU are valuable and then open your eyes to who also sees the same. Those who don’t, don’t need your time anymore. You are TOO valuable to waste on shaders. They need more light in order to get you hiding yours. Don’t be shaded, sweet love. You were born to shine in a way that inspires poetry. Remember that. It's time to wake you up and get you loud – how you deserve to be. See that the solutions and upgrades are coming now and rebuild like a boss. From the discord will come the best order of your life. This time is different. This time is when you rebirth and remember that there IS more to life. Turn your dream journal back on and start seeing that the best IS yet to come. There is no bad weather in your future so don’t keep planning for it.

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