monday 18 october

Oh hello M O N D A Y!

Okay loves! Expect to wake up and feel totally different today. This is special! We will have something come in that gets our mind seeing for a clarity into where we want to go and grow, instead of feeling a muddled mess with too much to process. Suddenly, you all are to start waking up to the truth of who you are and to seeing that we collide for perfect reasons and often it's just about us doing things with grace and doing them with a higher motive. We were conned into becoming very self-absorbed and only really being aware of our own spaces and our own inadequacies or insecurities and problems with others NOT giving us what we need.

But to evolve and to heal is to be way less concerned with other people’s reactions to us, and the needs they fulfill, and way more concerned with what our body is vibrating. And we got enough to worry about with our own lives to be so hypersensitive to everyone else NOT giving what we need, and therefore feeling off balance. When you wake up waiting to be filled by others, you live an empty existence. Because most people are also self-absorbed with the mental things that keep them not really noticing others.

This works to your advantage at this time because not everyone is a sleepwalker, and when you really follow your heart, you don’t stay locked into the confusion of your mind. You just live – and you just go with the flow and trust that you will be supported in the future. When you live, your mind is full of processing this very moment, the beauty that abounds, the things that inspire feelings. But when you live in your past or the future, you miss 90% of it. And then you get to the future and regret that you missed your past. So. We must stop and listen to our bodies and GO – or say no. But whatever the challenges and tests may come in the future, if we trust our body to be the temperature gauge showing us what is going on, we will ALWAYS be led safe. Remember the Schumacher documentary. Get to the end and you see why it's so important to listen to your body.

Your intuition will be stronger now and it is hooked up to the go of energy that now won’t allow you to settle for making the moves that you later regret. Instead, you say no now, you sign off now, you take time for you now, you stop that arrangement now. Why keep tangling in your wound relationships when your heart is telling you there is something else you need to do. It is safe to believe in yourself and to trust that you are being guided to make certain moves, to take certain streets, to do certain things, in order to connect you to certain people and certain opportunities.

TRUST THIS. But also expect that you go against the grain and have to let others down who wish you would go in their way. But do not compromise!! Your way is the way for you to go. Their way is only your way if it feels real good in all ways.



18 October 2021

MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Chiron.

MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling

MOON DEGREES: 28 Pisces to 10 Aries



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