friday 15 october

Oh hello F R I D A Y!


Oh baby! We got the end of the week, tax day for extended filers, and moon conjunct Jupiter, anointing it before it goes direct in 2 days. This is a blessing of a day where we pass some test from the past week that gets us seeing we do want to reach for and see for and wish for and stop hating and fearing and staying so low vibe with all these things that keep us escaping from reality. 

Today we really come alive and see to the other side and GET IT about something we have been needing to see and connect. Things will come like a spark of LIFE and it really is to get you holding better vibes about what may be. Even if you have no energy or have health things that keep you not moving. You STILL have a mind that can dream for better days. We have to adapt with what we have been given, but STILL our minds are free to think what we want them to. It is hard to be in pain and to see for hope, but the other option is to only see the pain. And we know that doesn’t get us feeling any better. 

Remember, the energy is inviting you to NOT GO BACK to how things were and to not think that your future will not be okay. Fear is planted and programmed in you, and fear DOES GET. So, we must train you all to stop fearing and stop planting nightmares in your future. You don’t have to play the Earth game that way. You don’t have to choose for colors you don’t want to wear. But we do, because they keep us away from our power, and that is what other forces want from you. They want you dependent and steering your life to a less vibrant potential view. 

Expect some sort of liberation and new space to reveal. This is about coming together with collaborations and friends and groups in new ways. The community vibe grows stronger at this time as we see new people showing up to appreciate and show gratitude for our time TOGETHER. Things that start now will be blessed and where new communications will take place. Interactions are upgrading so that we aren’t all about ourselves and ARE about the bigger mission of why people come together.

Our wounds attract us to certain people and at this time we connect with those who WON'T trigger us or keep us on the learning curve. So look for this higher connection where 2 or more people come together. Look for extreme harmony that is like lost souls finding each other and fitting together as if born to find home eventually. THIS is what is on your rise. And FROM the leap into the unknown. And BECAUSE you let it all go and HOPE for something beautiful to one day surprise you. 

Well. Over the next 4 days YOU WILL be surprised. So sit in the soup of love and hope for what is on the way. Stew in the juices of good visions to come. You deserve all the magic that is about to saturate our spaces. With bucket reached out, you will receive. With bucket closed and not believing, you will not receive. Value this truth.


15 October 2021


MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling

MOON DEGREES: 19 Aquarius to 2 Pisces


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be #13 Manifest it

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