thursday 30 september

Oh hello T H U R S D A Y!


Okay my babies. Today 100% will bring you into contact with a fear or some feeling of depth that gets you wanting to assert yourself in new ways where you ARE talking about the justice of things and not just following along with how the old world defined things need be. You can get real fiery and mad over others trying to block your way or that deal with corruption and control over things.

You are getting fired up because it is time to talk about what doesn’t feel good in your body. And it is time to start choosing for and making choices around NOT supporting what supports old world things. We are going to be starting new patterns around now where we WILL be able to let go of that old habit and step into something that will get us feeling better than we thought we could feel from such a move. Even with coffee. It's actually really toxic and it has mold in it. I know Bulletproof is mold free. But all the stuff in the stores is with mold. Citric Acid is also made from mold; and it is in EVERYTHING. 

But I stopped drinking coffee again and switched to iced tea about a week ago (or 3 weeks ago in reality as I write these readings 2 weeks early!) – and I really do feel so much better, have been sleeping better and actually have real good energy to get my jobs done. I have never been a hot tea lover, but I do love cold tea with agave! So, I made this switch, did not get a headache, and the day I switched I was over my coffee addiction. – although I did say, I will only drink coffee if I go to a coffee shop to get it and support them making it proper for me. Otherwise, home is for tea – which means so much more water and no more mold! 

AT THIS TIME, it is easy to see what we need to change and to INSTANTLY step into that other way of being. And 100%, you are feeling the tides of change and will be wishing for a new day where you start over with something that gets you feeling better. The bridge is here for you to cross today, and IT IS time to get to the other side and see that you CAN trust where you are being led by your body to choose for YOU and be like the baby who surely will receive.

Don’t let others knock you down or push you into thinking you can't handle something. Don’t go wishy washy because they come on so strong. Things coming on strong that feel wrong need you asserting your leadership towards the vision of how YOU would like things to be. Don’t batter with what wants to batter you into place; just move along with grace and keep shopping for the vision you are looking for. It is time to say no and to let it all go. You only need to take in what feels like support to you. Listen with your body and allow your heart to choose the way. Others and the fears they preach don’t provide the food that will sustain you. They offer no nutrients and nothing to really support your growth. Do you want to support that? Or do you remember that you deserve better? Support what supports you, and support yourself to see others support you. Coke, the drink, gets battery acid off of the battery in your car. Does that sound like something you should support by putting into your own body? Follow this new ethic that traces things down to reality, and not just the pretty marketing, and then make a choice to see if that feels good in your body.



30 September 2021
MOON PLANNER: Pluto. Mercury.
MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 21 Cancer to 2 Leo
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS:  #7 Stand in your truth.
#11 See why it had to be.

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