saturday 2 october

Oh hello S A T U R D A Y!


Okay good morning sweet love! Things are really rolling us into situations with others where we are being tested to see if we can embody the healing we WISH to take place. Even if we are not there yet in fighting the demons of what was done wrong to us, today we need to reach for the healed version and to apply that WHILE IN the situations that provoke, instead of as the wisdom of the hindsight vision. 

So go slow with this day and KNOW you are in a test to see that what you put out there IS what you will receive. So don’t do what in your past you have seen always leaves you feeling lifeless and empty. Be conscious that even when you feel insecure or not being seen, you can work to be okay with that and not make it a huge drama thing. If you do feel real insecure over someone’s move, go off for a drive or a hike and sit with the feelings. Cry if you are moved because this will take you back to some core feeling from childhood where others let you down or weren’t there to support you in proper ways. 

This situation currently is triggering things deep that DO need you seeing for more light and less of an anchoring sort of sadness where you feel you do not have a home here. But with these feelings will be something that bounces you like a trampoline back into action. So the sad feelings are not bad! They are just a doorway to get you asking for more or doing things that move the stuck situations out of place. Tears are often what dissolves the corrosion to clear way for a new energy. So do not fight them away! Be as sad as you feel and express it through something, like art or movement, and you WILL see inspiration rise for how to set this straight. 

This is a big moment in energy when we are to 100% leave the old ways of handling our insecurities in seeing we are just growing still and it is not a bad thing to feel sensitive over life. We also are finding that our feelings are really important and we can't keep going along in this cold world way when it seems to be stopping us because it doesn’t work for how high vibing we are seeking to become. The jagged edges show that we are not home and need to expect more happiness and comfortable things to hold us. If you sleep in scratchy bedding, you won't get the best sleep. It will wake you up often because your body is being scratched by stiff fabric. If you sleep in super soft bedding, you will get so much better sleep because your body is supported and not agitated. We need to sign up for better sheets/better friends/better jobs/better environments that helps us to feel supported and not agitated because they are scratchy to us. Got it? Listen to your heart and expect it to find something better for you. There IS still more of the story to tell.


2 October 2021
MOON PLANNER: Jupiter. Venus.
MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 16 to 28 Leo
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be.
#13 Manifest it.

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