monday 20 september FULL MOON in Pisces

Oh MOON! We love when you go full in Pisces, and you turn our system into a whole other direction where now things FEEL so strongly, and you may feel overtaken by what things do to your body. Kind of like hot flashes that come out of nowhere and crank your system up by 20 degrees. But just for a few seconds.

Pisces brings the existential into your life where you feel something, but you just don't know. It spoke, but you just don't know what this means. A good rule of thumb is to not try to use your brain at this time but to really pull back and see where you are taken as you allow your body to let you know what is going on. 

This time will be EXTRA in whatever it brings, and it won't only bring confusing pain! For many, it is where you just don't know, and it makes you feel like all of it is too much to process and handle. But OTHERS are noticing now that their dreams are sticking. This means you've moved into this space where things last longer, and they continue to grow from what you are feeding them. This is when manifesting gets more manageable because we feel so much gratitude when the tide changes.  

And not that life is not happening to these people; we all still got backed up material to make our way through, but the feeling around living the day-to-day GREATLY exalts for many of you now. The dream is moving closer, and we see it really IS all a hotter and colder game with our bodies leading the way. We DON'T HAVE TO BE MENTAL with things -- and we only get in trouble when we do. Your body will NEVER LET YOU DOWN IN TELLING YOU THE TRUTH. 

If you need to stop forward motion, you will be halted in some way physically. Like, your shoulder will suddenly hurt, your hip will suddenly hurt, you will suddenly get a headache, you will suddenly feel like you should go back home and NOT go on this journey. 

When we are in our highest form, we listen to those body messages 100% of the time – EVEN IF we don't know what it means. We need to be faithful servants TO OUR BODIES. This is the only way to get into the new earth space and feel how great it can feel to be here – where you will never want to leave. Just like how I got to Taos, had NEVER been here, living a decade 1.5 hours away in Santa Fe – and the moment I landed feet in Taos, I said, I'll NEVER leave. This is too good to ever keep looking for anything else. 

We are moving into spaces that feel too good to ever keep wanting anything else. It's when time changes and grows LONGER from sitting in and savoring moments. But you ARE NOT going to have answers in this new space because it's all about you learning to be in this moment, trusting whatever may come, and aligning with Spirit in knowing you have this higher plan that just needs you expressing more love than hate. Hate needs to control all. Hate will drive 75 in a 55 when on vacation and driving near the ocean. Hatred will be about moving things faster because they are so unhappy with the life they have on the norm. But love will drive the speed limit -- and do everything they can to keep their eyes taking in all the sights and happenings.

Our new modus operandi will be -- THIS IS HAPPENING NOW! Let me love it before it drifts off into memory. 

DO BE AWARE that your body DOES NOT want you in certain situations with others. You DO NOT have to take on all the energies and try to solve other's suffering or pain. We all come here to learn the EXACT lessons that we do. We are in a global ascension, and I remember being in my own ascension in 1999 – and 100%, even though I questioned the pain of it for about 15 years, I now see how it groomed me to be stronger now in life. Even losing Moon Bear upgraded me to the point nothing affects my emotional system anymore. I am sometimes shocked at how I move through things without a ripple inside. But it's from the steps we climb that we vibe higher. We can't read our way to the top or buy anything that elevates us. It must be that we walk, think, love, and shop these other sorts of higher expressions – then we ARE. It's undeniable when you fill the glass up with ice tea. But we CAN paint the look of ice tea on the outside of the glass and try to just get away with it. The gulp is the test to see if we are what we say we are. Keep it real, and you are golden. Nothing to front on the way to heaven. 



20 September 2021


MOON PHASE: Bring it forward

MOON DEGREES: 19 Pisces to 1 Aries


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #7 Stand in truth. #11 See why it had to be. #13 Manifest it.


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