wednesday 8 september

Oh hello W E D N E S D A Y! Okay love! This day is beyond huge, so listen up and follow closely!! This day is a test like no other where you are going to come across things that get you tuning into your wounds and how the world has let you down. It is to be when you see that you HAVE been done wrong and it got you buying into this other script. You may see your life in scenes where things are pinpointing you into when things changed and how THAT THING is why you now are apprehensive or in fear that maybe something still CAN go wrong. 

Today you are going to feel confused, and things may come at you that feel like something is being stopped. But this day is about taking us back to a few years ago when we made a decision that we were apprehensive about, but moved forward on none the less. Something inside of us spoke up and tried to offer a warning, but we were not open to seeing that this body message could actually be real. Expect to go back to this moment in time and really feel out how it took you into an unexpected journey, but that now you ARE so much wiser in your decision making abilities and in valuing yourself so as to listen to your body messages.

Where there is self love, there is an ear pressed to the inner promptings and to knowing your body does not lie. Where there is self love, there is not the waffling and wondering if someone loves you, because when you love you, there is no question if they love you too – because there will be no question when love is really there. That is the key. Don’t chase after things and try to make them your own – love yourself so that you realize a yes is clearly a yes and no is where we often wonder if maybe it is a yes??

Don’t be fooled into trying to make a no into a yes. Your things in the new earth are CLEAR. Love is YES YES YES. And yes is LOVE LOVE LOVE. It is not easy to mistaken. But you must wait for yes and for love. They are not just hanging out at the corner or on an app all easy willy nilly to find.

Yes is love because it takes patience and a deep faith in something else that you trust will eventually provide. No is confusion because it tempts you to fall back on your wounds and expect that things ARE to be murky and challenging. But to try to make them fit and to try to do something so that it can be a clear yes eventually. 

But you just don’t got to travel that way anymore, my love! You don’t got to be in any confusion. You only got to honor that yes is clear as day and yes is all that you are waiting for. Going to a thrift store you are excited to see what you will find but you have no idea what you will find. Yes is all the scores you DO find. And you know that until it is a yes, it's best not to get something that doesn’t fit right now but MAYBE will when you lose 10 pounds. Those iffy things never end up making you happy in the long run and they become a waste of money. DON’T CHASE THE IFFY AND TRY TO MAKE IT A SCORE. Abide by your body voices letting you know it's best to move on and keep your eyes peeled for an actual prize. It's better to wait.


8 September 2021
MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Chiron. Mercury.
MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds
MOON DEGREES: 2 to15 Libra
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #7 Stand in truth. #12 Self Love.

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