wednesday 15 september

Oh hello W E D N E S D A Y! 

OKAY!! Today is another huge level of a shift where you will notice you are starting to talk different about how you see what is left. It won't be, oh, look at how late it is in the day; it will be, okay, how many more hours do I have to get kick ass things done!

This is EPIC. This is something about getting back a part of our brain that was manipulated to not function as it would normally. Like holding back a flap with tape so it doesn’t go in another direction or allow for movement. That tape has broken free and now you ARE allowed movement and there IS another view in how your body DOES in fact run and function.

This will create amazing changes in how you see things falling into place. It feels good to stop and say, how many more hours are left in this day for me to do good things that will help me feel better? It feels good to be open to what is left, and how can I make the most of that?? And how can I now take that by the horn and rebuild by giving my all to things that put things into better position.

It won't be as fun to just sit around and complain and feel negative about how much life you aren’t living and how your home/career/relationships are so cluttered and messy and not bringing you joy. Things that bring you down will now just motivate you to do something about it. If you know you are holding all this dense weight, doesn’t it make sense to deal with it and lessen the burden. In the new world energies, oh yes, it sure does!  And when you get it, you will start going and DOING IT. Just, face it and remember that all can be rebuilt. 

You may also see things crumbling around you. This may deal with earth changes, but it's symbolic in letting you know how powerful this other force is and that whatever is delivered MUST be dealt with in the most positive way. It is not to hurt you, even if it comes at shocking times when you think you can't handle something like this. You are to elevate today, and it come from whatever is returning that now needs you dealing with grace. This returns for you to see through the eyes of the master builder who sees the cracks are only teaching them to build better. It's positive to see for needed corrections on the way to perfected form. See with eyes that are soft and loving about all that plays out on the screen today.  See that you WANT to build this best. Don’t compromise because it's inconvenient.


15 September 2021
MOON PLANNER: Uranus. Mercury.
MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling
MOON DEGREES: 11 to 24 Capricorn
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be #13 Manifest it.

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Right on mark. The shifts are phenomenal, I’m Re energised.
Kicking goals big time, task after task.
What seemed a heavy burden is lifting and I can see the light shinning brighter.
Being an energetic healer- my perceptions and intuition are strengthening.
In Australia NSW we have been in lockdown for months. It has slowed me down, seeing and hearing so much more. It is spring here and I’m blessed to live on the fringe of nature.
The local Ducks had 8 babies and feed in our yard. The little wrens have found their mates, wriggling those blue tail feathers, the bower bird is whistling away bring us joy to hear him calling. Nature is leading the way. Igniting all our senses. Blessings to you KV and all your amazing team for delivering the advanced teachings.

Tammy Butler September 14, 2021

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