thursday 16 september


Oh hello T H U R S D A Y!

Okay loves. This day may get some of you feeling like it's extra heavy and something you really can't handle. But remember that this energy just wants you to be excited for what is left and to not keep bashing yourself from what was and how it is gone forever. Media messages want you to stay focused on what is wrong and focused on believing that you will only go so far because of your past.

But really, our past creates the stepping stones that get us choosing for something more and showing up in our better forms. Awaken to a strength growing within that works harder when the going gets tough. You will likely be focused around your home or work areas in seeing what needs you facing what was piling up and contributing to negative energy. This day honestly wants you going from start to finish, but where you also move a bit erratically in that you do many things and keep with where you only are feeling called. Like, you may be doing an hour of work and then will want to pull out the closet and start organizing. Then you may get back to work and then break after a couple hours to go clean the shower or build that ikea piece that could really come in handy with your new organizing.

This new energy is about keeping us busy but keeping us towards what needs our attention anyway. We rest when the work is done – and it will be a GOOD rest BECAUSE the work is done. See your way to this new view about what needs your attention. The more you do, the more you get. It is 100% worth the effort. None of the hidden spaces need to grow bigger. Tackle them and have power over the fear of the unknown they DID inflict on you. Be like the bull and go in head strong. You GOT the tools to upgrade and rebuild and do this better. It just takes time and tons of effort. But you were born to assert in these ways. Enjoy this new energy! It IS getting you up the mountain step by step and you WILL see growth in days. Big things are working themselves into place. Encourage this new space by working for improvements that get you OUT of feeling buried. Don’t accept dysfunction, see what actions you can take to set this straight. Don’t give up on things.

16 September 2021
MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling
MOON DEGREES: 25 Capricorn to 8 Aquarius


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