monday 6 september NEW MOON in VIRGO

Oh, hello moon! We love when you go new in VIRGO, and you get us amped up to start new ways of living our lives where we WILL finally apply the discipline to get the jobs done. We love how you wake us up and really get us to see what we are doing that is self-sabotaging and contributing to the old world losing out because WE STAY HIDDEN because we think something is wrong with us.

Expect to have several things that you now will see you are GOING to accomplish and take advantage of as you will be feeling how time is short and we have wasted so much of it looking at a screen when we could be sewing, painting, designing and writing the books we always wished we would have taken the time for.

Get ready to change things that deal with how you take care of your body and what you put in it. We are to awaken at this time to ways we are doing things that corporations want us to get addicted to. But a few steps away from what is causing you harm is all it takes for you to get enough distance so as to see clearly that you DON’T have to choose for a toxic dump life because it has preservatives and chemical compounds that get you thinking you need this way of being. A few steps into a new pattern and you will see clearly that you were a fool following others over a cliff that a bigger force was manipulating you to choose for. Big bright neon signs get our attention. But the changes in us are getting us to be annoyed by neon and all the fronting of lies and hidden agendas that ultimately are trying to con us.

In this new energy we feel what really matters and what is the truth. So don’t be surprised if you make huge changes at this time where you are slamming on your breaks in a world you WERE agreeing to stay hooked up into. This energy wants us ABRUPTLY stepping away from what now feels toxic AF. But we also are to be forgiving with ourselves in how wrong we got it because we were programmed to be these lesser beings who just support the rich and keep those who really don’t give a shit about the people, the animals or the environment IN power.

We were conned to give our focus and money to those who already are in excess and abusing it because they now are addicted to money and power in ways where they don’t want to share that with others – where they don’t want you and me to grow big because then they will feel threatened in having to potentially share. Value that your voice is speaking louder, and your body operates in different ways as you process what is going on around you. Notice this! There will be some layer of protection or space where you won't be so connected to your old world reactions as things won't get you to bite like they would before.

But do expect to be tested today where it will be about seeing if you are really ready to get up and get going with the details and tasks that will get you to a higher position. Are you ready to step into the apprenticeship that will help you embody the truth and not just talk about it and try to appear as if you are this higher thing? We don’t get to the big jobs until we do the work. And as long as it takes us to start is as long as it takes us to finish. So, GET GOING on that thing you are seeing now that needs to be what you dedicate your energy towards. Enough of TV watching at night -- start creating crafts and do things that get you meditating into the fun of it instead of the stress of media manipulation conning you over the cliff and into a lesser than existence. We need you showing up. You have the tools to get this going. Get up and do what is on your mind. You are being guided into the next few steps that finally get you away from what was hurting you.


6 September 2021
MOON PLANNER: North Node. Black Moon. Uranus.
MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds
MOON DEGREES: 4 to 17 Virgo
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self Love. #13 Manifest it.
NEW MOON 14 degrees VIRGO

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