TAURUS READING | full moon in aquarius


hello love!  

This Full Moon is going to change a lot and I got goosebumps sitting in this energy! Now, do know that you are at some real big start over point in regards to something that holds you and that will be the supportive space that assists you in going a higher level in how the world sees you. So, things are changing in ways that will affect the quality of your life and the crop of land that you will soon be growing from. Be patient as you FEEL your way through to what needs to be put into place so that you are able to come out the other side and show yourself in another way.

You may feel like things are blocking you in your career or with things moving as you planned – but this is letting you know that something needs to be changed, altered or let go of, and you are to be the one seeking for a solution. You are starting over in how you are to bring more joy to what is broken and in need of growing into its better next levels. You are doing something that is showing us the better way to run things out in the world where we aren’t just breaking apart or allowing things to consume us to the point we have no self-care or roots with friends and creativity to TRULY support us. You may be thinking about how much you give to your career and how something is changing where you really want to be here now and doing something that allows you a creative expression that feeds your soul. 

You can expect to wake up with a thud, and to really see how the things that are not working are just pointing you to ways you DON’T want to be all out there and not getting the soul nourishment that YOU need. It's great that you are there for so many others, but you need space to be with the meditative ways of doing your creative gifts and just letting them be what you do. Like, sewing to sew and writing to just get it out and see what it really is. It's time for you to start a new way of living where you are better manifesting because your body is truly vibing an authentic thing that can only be experienced from you honoring what you feel. And, then making decisions based on fixing what is broken instead of banishing it away.

Something about your energy is with you bringing joy to others’ lives FROM your own overflowing well of good feels.  And something got off track where you have been giving and giving and thinking you need to keep pushing at it because IT'S WHAT YOU DO – but now really waking up to there being a better plan of motion to take in regard to how you will show up for others and give of what they see from you. You are to be making a bold statement at this time where you are DONE with some old path that maybe seemed like something you could never get your way out of. But this deals with you upping your value from within and honing in on what you really are good at and what you really love to do. Money is not to be in this equation because we are talking about what you would LOVE to do at this point in your life. We change as we get older, and you may have energy galore for something in your life, but then 7 years later to feel like you are a 90 year old in the fields doing it. 

If you get stuck and blocked, it's time for you to take a big risk of the heart and do things YOUR WAY. This transformation will happen over the next few months, but the seed was planted with this full moon. So, know that you are allowed to look beyond and to expect that you will teach or guide or do something that levels up your own playing field where others will see you in a different way. It's time to share what you really love and know and not mess around in old jobs of your past or ways you think you need to take it all on. I know I was just woke into the crystal energy world and I didn’t feel a thing from crystals until they woke me up. Now I’m changing my career course because I now know I am a crystal healer! But I DID NOT KNOW THAT AT ALL until 3 months ago. And I’m 50. BUT. I can tell you that from the discomfort in my current career, I planted seeds that I wanted to be doing what feels free and what I LOVE to do and talk about. I started planting these seeds a few months before I woke to my new career path.

So. Trust me. This time is when your life changes because you wake up to the illusion out in the world, and that you don’t have to chase what they put in front of you – you can start chasing what you feel inside of you! What pushed me inward was the manipulation of social media and how people buy their way to the top instead of earning it. It turned me off, so I turned within and then a whole new story presented to allow me a different position to sit in that now feels like play. You are to seek what feels like play and to plant the seeds right now. 

But do know, you are still in seeing a lot of chaos and will still try to adapt to the outer world and create a place for yourself. That may work – but most likely you are not to adapt to something first and are instead to create something that affects and gets OTHER THINGS adapting around you. Think about this. It means something creative needs to rise, like what happened with my crystal friends, and for it to then become something you understand. You can't research your new path or better way to play with your gifts. But if you really want the change, the change will find you in the same way seeds sometimes take a few months to sprout out of the soil. Still, value that your soil is fertile, and it is ready to create and support something that really sees you as important. Something that IS your thing IS going to find you and you just need to see that you deserve to have a place in the world. You got it if you can dream it.  

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