sunday 29 august

Keeping it real. Many of you got tangled yesterday in something nasty and it's still got a taste in your mouth and keeping you fixated into some sort of situation where you are not feeling valued. You may even now feel blame for another person stealing your time with their disfunctions, when you HEARD INSIDE to let this go and move on. If you are here in this weird heavy space, just know your job today is to put on your headlights and go into the depth of things and to KNOW that you ARE going to get to some sort of understanding or answer that is not what you expected, but what you need to see. This deals with patterns and ways your car was dented and now has you expecting the dented life. Pay attention and get ready to gun it OUT of the wounded space when you do finally find the golden nugget that is there to get you to the new understanding. We must hit bottom to shoot up -- we can't just shoot up while we are on the way down. We need the final landing to inspire us out of there. 

If you valued yourself yesterday, and walked slowly AROUND a tangled mess, you are going to be feeling alive and ready to go! You 100% will feel the new energy is here where you just want to get grounded into what needs to be put into place to bring about more ease in your life. Suddenly we will be waking to the truth that the work we do brings rewards that then shift us completely into feeling like we are finally more ourselves.

You will say this and hear others talking about how they suddenly feel more like who they are supposed to be. Consider this waking you up out of a spell! Use your voice to reach out and declare that you need this new thing grounding you and that you are ready to work for it and stay disciplined towards growing this new crop. You don’t need to know how to do it, but you need to speak up and clear it. Something parts the seas because it's you speaking boundaries clear even if others wish you would stay in some localized area of containment. Still, honor that your throat has something it needs to reveal.




MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 25 Taurus to 6 Gemini
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #9 Clear your space. #12 Self Love

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