saturday 28 august

Good morning baby! And here we are moving into a totally different space where there is a new level of a foundation forming that is going to help you live true with what is inside of your heart -- and with ways you have wanted to bring more beauty into your life. There is something that you doubted and wondered about that now is starting to come into focus. This WILL require that you think about a new plan that will sustain you. 

Expect to feel a little wobbly around money today but see that it is just a test to get you working with more determination to accomplish a challenging goal. You may think there is some cosmic joke going on with the rug being pulled out from under you right when you think you need it in a certain place. Go with this because it IS trying to get you moving and out of a stuck position where you aren’t thinking big enough or where you don’t really value yourself enough to be able to figure your way out of the maze. One blocked corner is not your demise. Don’t see your past “mistakes” as the cause for any alarm, and instead let it be the last page of an old chapter that needs you writing something new this weekend. And the harder the storm, the more you WILL be determined to do this different next time. So, allow whatever friction comes to be what gets you up on the wave so you CAN start going for a higher view in life. Surfers have to be super patient as they wait for their waves and then they have to gun it with the opportunity at hand. See that you too are waiting for what lights you up into motion.

Now you also are being warned to not respond in a low vibing way today. It is not on you to put anyone in their place – even though you MOST LIKELY will want to. You MOST LIKELY will have thoughts that spring to life because your ego got hit or something is wildly irrational, and you want to set it straight. Just don’t. This is 100% not the day for it. Instead, it is a day you are to step away from what would scatter your sanity that will have you spiraling with thoughts consuming, where you won't really see the beauty around you. See that you are to VALUE YOURSELF too much to give it away to someone who clearly is not valuing you. This is a test!! You are to only go deeper with those mirroring that there IS something special inside of you. They are here today! But most likely behind the person who is trying to distract you.


MOON PLANNER: Venus. Uranus. Pluto.
MOON PHASE: Bring it forward
MOON DEGREES: 13 to 24 Taurus

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