PISCES READING | full moon in aquarius

hello love! 

This is the ULTIMATE Full Moon for you where something with your old nature that hid behind others when the going got tough is now going to find a new home in the world with your work, or in the way you spend your day to day, to the point you blossom into a brand new expression. This is big time – and it comes in a sudden and drastic and serious way because YOU HAVE GOT TO GET OUT OF YOUR WAY. You have got to stop playing small and hiding what you know, by keeping your words or creative gifts scattered in chaos because you can't face things -- that are made worse by you running from them.

Ways you have sabotaged your relationships, friendships, or career – because you were done wrong in the first place – are now going to correct where you step into another role and show yourself in areas where you can feel strong and balanced and fully apprenticed into a role that influences. This can mean many things for you all out there – but where you come out of the shadows, and sacrifice a way you were programmed to be, you will be greeted with new partnerships that DO see you and encourage the higher version that you are wanting them to see. For many of you this is when you fully step into a new way of doing things where you are cleaning up messes and getting down to business in keeping up with what needs you. It won’t be so easy to escape because you will see that it doesn’t serve you to keep laying low and dialoguing with what makes you feel like you don’t have a home.

This time will hit you in more powerful ways where you will be able to see a solution or something that inspires you to keep looking glass half full EVEN IF things feel blown to pieces. Notice inside that you are feeling stronger about what you feel and how it IS guiding you and how nothing is too much for you to conquer. Even the fractured pieces are now revealing truth that you need to see. The break gets you to open widely and to see that something about this needed to be. Something with death or destruction or a loss of money from something not showing as you wished, is where you will be seeing to the other side and connecting other dots that could not be there without the first catastrophic event. Death opens spaces for new life – but death comes with strong emotions and strong positions that fixate you into the mystery. These spaces are heavy because they have no clear ending and they vortex you into the deepest contemplation, where often there isn’t even a question. It's just a vacuum pull. 

You WILL hit into something that gets you super amped up – but first you have to be patient with the last legs of this surgery work that is getting you tuned for your own truth. You are so spectacular that others are jealous beyond belief! It's important that you know this about the way you are built. Pisces incites A LOT in others. It's like around you, they suddenly feel things stronger. And now it's just on you to not think you are here to heal others and to find the ways to make all their lives feel better. It's on you to trust the process that they got something going on that they need to deal with – and YOU need to decide WHERE you place yourself in the company of others. You don’t have to sit with what holds you as the victim and makes you feel bad for who you authentically are. This time needs YOU BELIEVING IN YOU so that you do start driving your car in new ways that keep you amplified about why you are here and what you are here to do. You are going to be feeling more creative and wanting to pull that into your life more – where you are sharing some aspect of your soul’s purpose work. You are the one to find the new positions and they come through inspiration where deep waters confuse. So, expect a sudden hit that then gets you stoked about doing this new thing with your art or with something that helps you to feel important.

The work you want to do is ready for you to step into a new role with the work you do. Think about that. As we get older, we do different things with our work. From student to teacher to author to guide. From student to artist to influencer to author. The only common thing on our journey is that we start as the student, where we surrender to not knowing it all but wanting to patiently learn what we can from masters who will teach us mastery. You are someone who MUST know mastery – and that means the manipulated, bought, short cut to the top is not going to work for you. That way brings falls up ahead that take them even further into chaos. 

The patient path of the master is your path. And it calls for you during this week letting you know where it's time to step up and where you need to consider SERIOUS soul work growth. Watch what others show you this week and allow it to guide you to a better way of being. Even if they see you as a star, go higher. This energy wants you stepping up in how your process your influence on others so that no matter what you see YOU STILL SEE that you are a magnificent work of progress in process of embodying mastery. And the only way to this divine place is through learning all the ways we fall into disgrace and allow our wounded ego to create the way. 

From falling to your knees, you earn the true degrees – BECAUSE no matter, your badass WILL pick itself up. You WILL NOT give up on yourself because deep, deep inside you know you are MIGHTY SPECIAL being born in the last sign that is the culmination of all the other signs. Things sometimes hit harder for you because you need to be blown out of the ballpark. And it is time to go bigger and to show the world in some way that you have changed and that your past work now is ready to show a new you rising like a peacock true.  Feel free to keep it real and spread your wings revealing new colors of long held dreams.

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