monday 30 august

Good morning sweet loves. Now, today will be a bit peculiar and you will be slow to wake as something will be on your mind that has you wondering about what this means. You are being asked to follow your feelings and to put energy towards bringing something into balance. There will be the need to come out of the shadows and stand firm with something, without losing your steam or falling in line with others. 

Do be aware that there will be a test where someone is not seeing where you are coming from, and you just need to not hide this or be embarrassed to the point you put it back into the closet. There may be some sort of different side to things, but you still just need to follow your heart and speak what you are feeling. There will be lots of talks that will be going on over the next few days where you will feel pressed to get to some sort of understanding. Someone may show you another side of their personality today and you just need to see that we all are seeking for clarity. So, take things with grace and know there is a lot of change in the energy, because what is shared is to get things going into a new arena; kind of like with the ticket master who must first take your ticket before you are allowed in to see the show. Some shift must take place in order to reveal the new area for you to explore. 

You also may feel confused around relationships and will want to bring beauty to what felt out of order. From collaborations and true expressions, even if this causes a sting, there WILL be a better way to start over with more care around giving space for others to honestly relate. There will be a sweet lightness that comes, and it will be only accessible after you give your ticket away.

MOON PLANNER: North Node. Saturn.
MOON PHASE: Pull back to process
MOON DEGREES: 7 to 18 Gemini

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