friday 27 august

Good morning sweet beauties! Today is important because we are in 22 day energy which means a test will come to see if we are now going to walk our talk in a situation that DOES trigger us into automatic motion. OFTEN you will fail the test today and will sit with regret with how you showed yourself or put them in their place. It won't feel good today in your belly if you went too far. If you did NOT fail the test, you will soon stop having these tests and will start to get opportunities where others see your authority. Or, basically, rewards for not continuing to mess things up through the roar of your ego.

We have to track the 22 days and be aware that we just have to let things go and vibe highly and steer our grooved patterns into something that is kinder and more forgiving about things. 

Now. This one will be with money or something that comes in to make you think you have no value. So, where you feel pushed down, DO NOT respond in the way you NORMALLY do. Don’t think scarcity or have to fight for what you want. Don’t look out at others struggling and see that you will be pressed down too. There are going to be VERY limiting forces presenting, maybe where the masculine is trying to dominate and diminish and make others feel that they are limited. Some pale miserable force is talking louder and it's really just on you to not bite and to not buy into smoke and mirrors with fears of no place for you and your dreams.

Trace things back to the roots and then you have truth. You need to get into the foundation of things and see that it's time to write a new plan on a better crop you would like to grow.

If you did fail the test today, which about 77% may, you are being asked to apologize and make it clear that you crossed boundaries, or whatever. If it happens today, it’s all about you coming back to clean the muddied waters and not just allow a sharp division with miscommunications. You overstepped. Take responsibility. They may have TOO, but you are in charge of you. Today you are just to do something to make it right.



MOON PLANNER: Sun. Saturn.
MOON PHASE: Bring it forward
MOON DEGREES: 1 to 12 Taurus


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