CAPRICORN READING | full moon in aquarius

hello love!

Oh yes! This is a Full Moon that will bring you an ENOURMOUS shift where you come up with some idea that deals with your natural gifts, and that now is finding some sort of new home in your life. There will be a light appearing into an area that you thought was dead and gone. This may mean you are coming back to something that just needed to grow and allow for other pieces to bring it to the next level. You will be coming out of the shadow with your position in the world and from things that support what you innately do and that deals with bringing value to things or creating better plans for things.

The ways you naturally come up with solutions and upgrades, through your creative gifts, is to suddenly come to the other side and be seen in some way. This may be a seed planted that will take a while to grow; but you are being planted with affirmation for you to keep with a creative idea of yours. This energy will come on strong where you will be DONE with scarcity living and putting so much energy into debt or the fears around certain programmed ideas with money.

An old pattern in how you used to process things is now shedding skins and opening you to a cleaned window view of new potential. For this reason, expect the unexpected because you are not going to see what hits you until it really does. This deals with a sudden move where you are being loved and something about you is being appreciated. You also may be coming up with a good idea that deals with something that got put into place a while back – but now an opportunity presents to bring this to light. So be patient as you walk this next 2 weeks but do know things are going to get moving because of this bolt of inspiration or appreciation that changes everything for you.

You MAY fall in love and finally connect with someone that in some way is coming back to you. There is return in this energy where the 2nd time around has more value because of the time in the dark and focusing so much into not being able to get ahead in life or staying paycheck to paycheck. From those dark caves, you approach life in a new way when the light does finally come on again. But the thing about life is that if things are only on the up, we don’t appreciate them. We do truly need the dips in the journey to get us flying higher with what we next want to manifest. If it's too easy, you can just buy your way. To earn your way is to know that you are authentic. And your vibe is EVERYTHING in the new world energies. You can't get to higher lands until you are a higher person inside. 

And so much in this energy is about getting you higher and getting you into the processes that put things in order so that you are better able to get your messages out there. You will be focused on new ideas with your website or shop or manuscript or something that needs an upgrade in order to go further. The ideas will come at this time, and you need to make the space for creative inspiration to get you focused on writing out new ways of sharing with the world the beauty you are here to bring. You ultimately want to bring more peace into the lives of others, and it is now on you to see for the good in where you are next going to be. This is a new pattern because you are programmed to see the worst! You worry when it comes to growth unseen and risks of the heart or leaps of faith. You are addicted to seeing that you are to focus on how it can't be done and how doomed you maybe are going to be. Some people are only built to see the positive in all those same situations! They only believe things will work out. It is time for you to make space in your mind where you are seeing that a solution will come, and you don’t have to spend any energy worrying how it will come. There is no preparedness you can have other than hoping it will work out great and it will all make sense one day. That is where you are better suited. It's time to stop seeing how much you don’t have a place and that you have to fight to get to your position in life where you are sustained from your gifts. 

The old way of hustle until you drop just won't do it because you don’t have to push and manipulate at all. You just got to do the work and earn the vibration that gets you the audiences that support you. From within, all your magic does grow! So this time wants you slowing down and taking in the sights more as you learn how to make the most of what is in your life. Opportunities come, but if they look different than what you thought, you may let them go because your eyes see that it must be this other way. Even if you have late fees, they are there to get you motivated and taking something seriously. To fall back is part of the life journey and it's really on how you process it. It doesn’t have to be horrendous; it can be a teaching guiding you in another way. 

If things get stuck and stop moving, there is something that needs to change about what you were just doing. Honor this. Don’t try to fix it through the eyes of the old world. You may change your course, and it's because the new one will give you more joy. Allow whatever ways the Great Mystery wants to launch you. There is another side for you to now be moving over to. Your thoughts wired to abundance get you to the better lands in wonderful ways. Your thoughts wired to scarcity get you to situations that will devalue you and force you to step up and state boundaries. The look of the lands will describe the intention of your true inner view. Shift and you will see it all shift into a bounty – that you deserve to see supporting you. Dream that dream and you will see that thing.

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