AQUARIUS READING | full moon in aquarius

Oh love! This full moon is huge for you – but it may hit you in a way that knocks you out and makes you wonder if you can handle your life. It will be funny like that because you will be shown CLEARLY what is no longer working and what is at a bias to where your energy best be suited. Understand that as we get older, we are better able to embody a higher level of value. But when younger we intellectualize the value we deserve and we then expect others to be these other things in order to show that they see us as valuable. We need an outer sign when we are younger, and we don’t when we get older and when we really do embody a sense of high value or self-worth.

BUT. You got to walk the journey to get to the energy that fills your body up authentically! For it to be real and sustainable, it must be something you journey through, versus read about and mentally understand and agree with. At this time, you are to be letting go of old aspects of self that DID see that you don’t have a home and don’t really fit in here. With that front, the world can't help but deliver. And that is no longer the truth. You were woke with this full moon and now you will be taken into your depths, where things will feel heavy and very unknown, but they are to do healing work on you where you value your existence more. Things will be brought into a better balance with how you dance in opposition, or with others who you feel stand in your way, where you will be more assertive in knowing you are correct or you know the best way, but not shoving it down others’ throats or doing anything to even care what others are doing or thinking. 

When you get full of yourself, you won't judge yourself through others eyes. You will embody this energy that won't be controlled or manipulated to the point you stay mentally focused on a battle with others and things that you really have no control over. This can also be about diving into the fears and staying hooked into seeing a dry desert as your future. You are to be coming to the other side in seeing that you are getting in your own way and that you need to plant more hope and beauty in what is to be around the corner and up the way.

It is time for you to just sit there in the chaos of what needs to be put into order that is heavy and hard to face, but to still see that you eventually will be done with it, and something better will consume your mental space. You need to physically and purposefully get your body and mind to see that nothing is going to ruin you. There is an ancient fear that you will get something wrong, or you are being cursed and need to be on the lookout for failure. That is false. But it was programmed into you so that you never open to your manifesting abilities in being able to correct things for yourself and the world at large. An Aquarius in awareness of their power is a better place for all of us to live. It means the health of Earth will get better. So, see that you have a special power, and it is time to get serious about seeing that you can start over no matter what and no matter how much time has passed. It is not too late and there IS a perfect plan to each leg of your journey. At this point it is time to step into the dream of being able to show yourself in a higher role – but where you really know and own this wisdom that you are. 

You next will be taken deeply into the old cords of what got you mentally buying into the feeling that you have no right to exist. Where others taught you wrong, you will be coming to some sort of balance that alleviates the energy pull of going into fear or worry or resentment in your mind. It matters what you vibe in your mind – in what you say and in what you feel. And it all affects what you then will see. This time wants to wake you up with new lenses that are ready to get down to business and do the work to clear the loads and backed up material that IS weighing you down. There is a process about to take place that will last about a month. Trust this space and make 100% sure to keep lifting your ideas on things. Keep seeing that the test is to get you dreaming like a kid who believes their needs will be met.

You are to be approaching situations and people in a new way where you are more of a magnet and less of an anarchist who sees too much chaos to give energy to what IS working. And it will be key in getting you through the healing process that is about to take place where you ARE going to be rewired in being able to consistently stay more glass half full about life. This also means you will be changing habits or patterns that allowed you the space to go negative. You may start working out or learning a new skill or will apprentice with something that does need your focus and WILL shift you into a new addiction that is healthy for you.

We get addicted to all things when we keep doing them. So, to leave one, you must accept that the old addiction will call for you as you try to call for the new one. Be strong at this time and don’t give in to the old things that are frying your system. Start doing creative things with your hands when normally you would tune into a screen. It is time to consider that in order to get to your higher role, you must clear out this baggage that is in the back closets and contributing to the hope you will have for a better day. You need to see yourself accomplishing tasks, facing debts, and seeing that you are getting things done. This is all a part of grooming you into a better habit with how you process the energy of others – and how that either lifts you up or depletes you.

Through the dealing process you will narrow down your focus and find a better way to sit as an authority on your thing. Allow the car wash to first show you what needs to be cleaned off. See that congestion means you have got to let go in order to fly freely into what feels like you are doing beautiful things. The magic follows your thoughts and the most secret places. Purify and vibe highly within and 100% big shifts will hit you within a month where suddenly the heavy loads are GONE. Purify and you will get to fly. You HAVE to face the uncomfortable things.

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