MARCH 4 | Friday

Okay loves! Be aware that the new moon was so powerful and now we are being tested as we make sure that we REALLY got it in us and are ready to do whatever need be so as to change our path and start going more towards what feels like a dream in our bodies.

This means we will have many tests that deal with showing us things that MAY want to scare us back into the closet to say, okay, I give up, maybe the better life is not in the cards for me. So just know, things ARE to test you, just like when you talk about a dream to the wrong person, and they plant fear into your hope for a better day. You should always stay quiet with your plans if you know you won't get support. Don’t sabotage your new life over-sharing with those who are sure to pop your bubble. Be honoring of yourself in knowing you are with seed and need this to get a bit more grounded before talking about your “lofty” dreams. But also know, they are only lofty until they meet reality, and that means doing the work to set the bricks in place and build what you dream. 

At some point in this day, you will EITHER have something come that lets you know you are onto what you have been wishing for, OR you will have something that slams you to the ground thinking you are way too much of a loser to manifest what you have on your mind – even though you were SURE of it the past few days. So, confirmation from others comes with a full force that lets you know you are SO gifted – or, the opposite, where you lose all steam and want to give up. 

If you get a good sign today, this is the best news ever! And it means YOU have changed and are no longer glued to your wounds being the truth of your future. Be happy if you feel great today because this is everything and it will be like a milestone with your therapist where you finally grasp what you were doing that was self-sabotaging in your past. 

If you feel so low that you can't hardly function, KNOW that your test is about hitting rock bottom and then snapping awake that YOU DON’T DO THIS TO YOURSELF ANYMORE! It's about getting YOU to stand up for you and to say, you know what, I heard these negative messages in my past by wounded people who were unconscious of their moves, but I’M DONE WITH IT – and I’m done with planting these seeds and buying into thinking I am worthless or not skilled enough to succeed. To hit rock bottom today is a blessing that just needs you saying, WAIT A MINUTE, I am not as flawed as I want to victim myself into being. You are to see that you are a work in progress and that sometimes we got to backtrack in order to fully gain speed. So, take a few steps back KNOWING they will get you running with more focus and dedication. It will not be hard to pull yourself up today if you get yanked down, actually. It was just a test to see if you really want to do what you can to start over in staying fixated into a new goal that feels like you were born to do this.


4 March 2022 | FRIDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Chiron.
1  3  4 | 3 to 16 Aries

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