MARCH 3 | Thursday

Good morning loves! The new moon is fresh in our mind as we are tuning into new spaces that before we were not giving credit or attention. You may also be tuning into wounds that you can see are affecting your dream space where you ARE holding back and not really allowing your mind to believe that better things can be on the rise. So, if you feel confused today, or even sensitive to other people’s energies, be okay because this is getting you to speak up about your feelings and to do what you were programmed to NOT do. 

You also can expect to run into someone who makes something way bigger than it really is and your job is to not allow yourself to be pulled into this tsunami that could knock you off your feet. You are to see that many people are not able to step so fully into the dream of life because of so much from their past letting them down and showing them that they are NOT the chosen ones. We are to see the people around us as a sign that we can't follow the old ways anymore. We have to seek into mysterious places and wait out friction or confusion so that we TRUST a solution into place. It will be your inner space that is manifesting for you right now and what it mostly looks like is that friction is there to get you talking louder and stronger about how you NEED a new path to open and bring you to a better scene. 

This is when we are to take the first steps into something that FEELS RIGHT TO US. It may not feel right to the masses or to your family members, but it is YOUR JOB to hold steady and not let go just because your dreams are not what others have accomplished in their lifetime. Don’t take marriage advice from someone who has never been married! Don’t take life advice from someone who finds comfort in staying fixated into old world ways. Just consider that opinions are in everyone, and most people were not born to accomplish the big goals like YOU got in your mind right now. 

Be okay dreaming for an amazing life! Be okay dreaming that your leaps of faith, where it is just you and the Great Mystery, are ENCOURAGED. This time is unlike any we have seen before and it's on you to surround yourself with those who are just as big of dreamers as you. Your feelings are growing stronger because they are about to take over the wheel and drive you to more honoring places. You don’t have to accept less than, my loves. And just because you grew up like a weed and weren’t given the tools you need to succeed DOESN’T MEAN success is out of your picture. Do your all to see your past as being the perfect catalyst that WILL get you to do something special this time. Your past is to create the momentum that gets you off the couch and into action towards doing whatever it takes to still believe that amazing things are in your future. 

What you believe, you will see. What others believe, they will see. So, stay in your lane if others disagree, and merge with those who ALSO are singing about something that would be a dream come true and that feels like it actually could be in reach. You feel something because IT IS coming. Don’t pass this opportunity by because of fear. Make this the year of no regrets.


3 March 2022 | THURSDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Neptune.
1  2  3 | 20 Pisces to 2 Aries
NEW MOON 12 degrees Pisces (yesterday)

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