MARCH 25 | Friday

What a difference a day makes! Today is going to be a bit of a test where others may be influencing you or provoking you and it somehow will have you doubting yourself or thinking you were foolish to believe you could really change your life and manifest better things. It's where someone or something you see on the internet comes in to poke a hole in your hot air balloon. 

BUT. Do not take this as defeat because timing is everything, and if they force you to the ground to build again, then it IS for the win, and you will see that you needed to work a bit more diligently in really embodying the dream. DO NOT accept that you are a loser and that you were foolish to think things could be better. You may be learning that your high hopes just need a bit more stability through the rebuild so that they can stand strong. But what you dream for IS to be what you are to continue to shoot for. Others are ALWAYS going to come in as a big wind storm that may knock your castle down. And if it gets knocked down, you just need to rebuild it better and with thoughts of NOT racing up the mountain, but rather really making the foundation sure first. 

This day is all about holding love even if you feel let down and as if you aren’t the chosen one. We all went to job interviews at places we totally wanted to work, yet we got passed by and someone else got the job. We need to condition our insides to embrace the no as more clarity on what you DO want to go for in your future. NO does not need you fighting to make it a yes. Look at how many people get divorced or need to. How many people pushed to make a relationship a yes and now years later they have to rebuild because it turned out to be a no. My mother was determined to get together with this man and fought for him for years. Then she gets him and years later he sexually assaults her best friend, so she leaves him. But then she takes him back and years later he sexually assaults me. And everyone who knows me knows I changed after that and have really never gotten back to my free spirited ways.

It's time for us to face the red flags, the warnings, and the things we have to chase after to make them work because THEY ARE NOT where we are supposed to be. We have just learned to be full of illusion in thinking we know best about what we need – when in fact, THE ONE sees us and wants to be with us and isn’t going to make us jump through the hoops to get us. There is an ease in what is good for us, but we are so wounded we don’t wait around for it. We jump into pain and try to act like it's a part of the game – and it IS in showing us THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. 

If you get into some spat with another today, do what you can to walk away with grace and not fight them to your side of things. Hold space for your valuable self to not engage in things that take you away from the love of life. Declare that ease is how you travel now, EVEN IF you end up on the dead-end streets. And if you do fall and fumble and end up where you don’t want to be, decide today that you won't fall for this ever again and LEARN that NO is actually clear as day.


25 March 2022 | FRIDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Chiron. Moon/Uranus.
MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Uranus.
1  6  7 | 5 to 18 Capricorn


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