MARCH 24 | Thursday

Good morning! There is so much poetry in the air and in this reading! Expect another day of feeling super creative and wanting to do things your way where you aren’t doing what you used to do. It's about seeing that you can be the change you want to see and that there IS more for you to live for. You are NOT at a dead end street that defines your whole journey. It is merely to get you frustrated enough so that you wake up and start looking around at why you are here and what it brings that helps you feel inspired to create a path with space to grow into. 

We are in the trial and error energy where we have to try things to find out, BUT just because we thought this was the way to go in our past doesn’t mean it always will be. As we evolve and change, we grow better with what we take into our lives. And often, the more wounded we are, the more likely we are choosing for things that are just good enough or are what is there right now, as we won't be so inclined to wait and expect that something better is on the way. Just like how I jumped on that house in Durango, that had so many red flags but also so much teasing me thinking I was supposed to be there, like with the stain glass windows that were of the sun and moon.

And all the neighbors came to meet me and warned me about the owner and how dark spirited she is, and they even said I should break the lease and get out because everyone loses everything when they stay there. But I persevered and was sure it would work out for me. And you all know how that went. But I tell you what, I WILL NEVER ignore red flags again. I needed to walk that journey, or a similar one, in order to learn that when it is right for me, it will feel all the way right and not just 25%.

We need to stumble and fall after we think THIS IS IT because life is about learning to grow better and smarter in really slowing down our reaches that often are about following what we think we need to be doing OR living in fear in thinking there is not enough to go around so we must grab what is here. 

I’ve also been learning about WHO is right for me in my business where I will feel grossed out by people – and not that they are gross, but it's the way it digests in my body where they feel that way to me. I now know it is a sign saying this person is not your person. And the MOMENT it comes, I’m letting them know this is not going to work. The old me WORKED WITH those people I felt grossed out by! The old me was so happy to have help or this collaboration that I didn’t inquire why I also was feeling those negative ways. Now, if we don’t feel like true friends and your energy feels clean in my system, rather than gross, I stop in my tracks INSTANTLY. And no longer will I make their feelings more important than my psychic senses speaking up. I used to get into so much trouble because I didn’t want to hurt anyone or let them down by saying I didn’t want to collaborate anymore or work together. I just stayed until it became chaotic and unsavory – which is why I was being warned that it was just illusion in the first place THROUGH feeling them as gross. I’m sure this is waking something up in many of you because you know what I’m talking about! 

On the way to the dream, there will be many choices. Things that are there are not necessarily the one, just like when we look for our romantic partners. Many who arrive are to test us to value what we feel inside and to declare a PASS because this is NOT good enough for where we ultimately want to be. On the way to the dream, we learn that we deserve better, and the tests are there to awaken that wisdom from within. You got to fall on the way to the dream, but it merely fine tunes your abilities to decipher what is illusion and what really is your thing.


24 March 2022 | THURSDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Neptune. Moon/Mercury.
MOON PLANNER: Neptune. Mercury.
1  5  6 | 21 Sagittarius to 4 Capricorn



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