Oh hello MOON! We LOVE when you go full in Virgo and get us to really see what we need to do in order to feel like our life is moving along towards something that feels like a dream. We all started this year recognizing that our path was in need of a big change, and this got us planting seeds for how to move into a new lane, even though we are fully in this other lane that we have committed to.

With this full moon we finally start to get up and put the pieces together so that we feel like our life has purpose. If you feel like you are on a dead end, this moon is when you are to finally create the manifesto of where you want to be, with feet planted firmly in not letting go of the dream. EVERY ONE OF YOU is looking into this place off to the right that feels like it is where you were destined to be, and now is when you are to take a step in this new direction and create all the lists and plans that affirm THIS is your new thing. 

DO expect to feel like you aren’t where you want to be and to feel a bit of friction around a location or space where you now don’t feel the will to grow. You may feel in limbo before you take steps forward, and this is okay! You may also feel in this dream space where you feel dazed and confused, but this is when you are to come up with brilliant creative ideas that NEED YOU laying low as the inspiration drops into your consciousness. 

We are moving into a time where we are much more open to the reality that we NEED rest, and we need these downtimes spent doing nothing or sitting out under a tree with zero thoughts in the mind. We are to accept that self-care is the ONLY way to get our bodies up the mountain with full on wisdom and knowing of the journey. Self-care is when we open to new plans and seeing that we CAN invest in ourselves, or we CAN see for a new way to do what now maybe is not producing the results we wished for. Cafes that are open 24/7 NEVER feel the reboot of a good night’s sleep or the rejuvenation from time off to get some space from a situation. 

Many of you are going into the retreat with this moon in order to get that space so that you can really see what is going on and WHAT is wrong with the path you were committed to. This moon is all about change and getting you to see that we need to evolve and go with the flow of how things move us differently as we get older and wiser on the earth journey. Nothing stays the same, but through pulling back and opening to the mystery of what you need to know next, you WILL see a new path that gets you STOKED for how NOW you want to live your life differently. 

Keeping it real, The Andy Warhol Diaries changed my life 100%. I don’t really know anything about any artists and it's an area I never really delved into my whole life. But after that documentary I want to go to school for Art History and work in a gallery! I have never even known how to paint, but I want to start painting and discovering what is inside of me. After learning about Jean-Michel Basquiat, who is SO MUCH LIKE ME, we even both are Venus in Aquarius and his Sun is 1 degree Capricorn, which is my rising sign, and his moon is Pisces, which is my Sun sign -- but the way he was and his art SO resonated with me. He for sure is my favorite artist now – and I didn’t know I had a favorite artist. His work brought me to tears because I was like, YES, YES, YES – I get it and I LOVE IT. And I don’t even know that I have been in an art gallery, which I know is a weird thing to say, but now I want to go to all the shows! And I HAD NO IDEA this was in me until I watched that documentary ON my birthday last week!

So, expect this moon to also bring something out of you that you didn’t really know was there, BUT it is to inspire movement towards a new path that deals with your soul’s purpose and bringing more value to your day to day. You also may be inspired to create new routines or take care of your body with exercise or systems that keep you connected to using it, so you don’t lose it. This is the BEST TIME to start those new workout programs and ways to feed and treat your body. 

ALSO. As a warning. KEEP your animal babies safe. Keep them in your attention and watch for any signs of distress or changes with their behaviors. Unfortunately, I have seen it so many times with this moon where we have problems with our babies, and this is a big time when many of them will pass. Don’t project -- but do be aware that we need to pray for protection of the animals at this time.


18 March 2022 | FRIDAY
1  8  9 | 28 Virgo to 10 Libra
*FULL MOON 28 degrees Virgo 1:18 AM MT

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