Oh moon! We love when you go full in Sagittarius and get us to really shoot our arrows wide and far into some new way of living our lives. THIS IS IT. This will create an unbelievable shift that deals with you finally letting go of certain wounds and the defensive reactions that would express when you have felt triggered. This is when provocation will come but you will deal with it in a whole other way. Notice this and sit with the energies because paying attention is what will really ground this into your system so you DO see that your day has truly changed. 

Expect to feel a whole other energy rushing in that has your perspective changing so that you can hope for better outcomes and believe that you don’t need all the answers just yet before asserting into an unknown direction. In fact, this energy wants you taking a leap of faith over the next 4 days that deals with you growing into a new area and seeing a new view because of where this takes you. BUT. You will not have 100% proof that your ideas will work just yet. We are moving based on our feelings inside that tell us SOMETHING IS OVER THERE, and we have to show up in order to find out. So we have to let some things go to make space for this new to arrive. For this reason, also don’t be surprised if many people go back on their word or make changes that you weren’t expecting. It's just that we all now KNOW we need to go, and something inside is telling us that if we don’t, we will never be happy. So we have to believe in ourselves and believe that our bodies are guiding us safely (THEY ARE).

Now you also will be filled with ideas on how to share your creative projects or things that deal with you expressing what you love to do. It may be that you work on things that can help you spread your dreams or take them to higher levels. Focus on long-range plans and move them forward at this time. It is a great day to launch new things and to really see that they land in the hearts of the people you are wanting to reach. This also says that we are to extend our messages to those that are not near us but that need to hear how we are doing and where we are at in life. Your mind will be on people far away and there is something you can do to draw each other closer. Don’t wait for others to initiate; you be the one who reaches out.  What we reach for, we catch at this time. So stretch as far as you can! 

Do be aware that we are coming into contact with others and messages are being shared. This will be important to pay attention to because you will either feel super seen and valued or super invisible and as if no one loves you. These will bring strong feelings and they are to guide you in what you still need to heal that is keeping you from SEEING that your life can be better. So what rises today is to be what you work on for the rest of the year. Remember, what we see from others is something still inside of us. So if we see people fighting with us or putting us down, there is a piece of that still in you that expects this sort of behavior. If today you are around those who see how amazing you are and how far you have come, then YOU are to see that this is because of the healing work you took on in 2022. We were fractured in 2022 in order to show WHAT needs more light and healing. TODAY is the first test results where we are seeing how we are doing. DO NOT get down on yourself if others are STILL not seeing you in the ways you wish. Take what you see and run with it. THIS IS the answer to what is keeping you behind the scenes in life. Go back in time to see when you got off track and place yourself back in position today. NOW you know. Move forward in a better way.



13 degrees Sagittarius

9:41 PM Mountain | 11:41 PM Eastern | Sydney, Australia 1:41 pm (the 4th)

Saturday 3 June/ Sunday 4 June

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