Wednesday November 2

Okay, if you didn’t notice a shift yesterday, because you were with headache or too frustrated to open to the new energies, then TODAY it happens. Something is going to pull us around a corner where we are seeing how we need to talk differently about where we want to be in life. We need to stop seeing what is out of order and not working and instead see that SOON it will be working.

This first week of November is very much about programming our mind to be in different states with processes yet to complete and big jobs with details a many. We need to keep with one step at a time and to see that each step is CRUCIAL to getting to where we want to be WITH a specific vibration. Each step fills our body up with wisdom walked, and this is what we need when we get to the top of the mountain. Don’t get down on there being too much to do as your mind wants you growing stronger in how you appraise the situations. There also will be steam rising around this day so that you are fully able to tackle the lists and see that you ARE getting somewhere.

Something about turning a corner is where we will see more light BECAUSE of something coming in that provides the solution to where we have felt like we don’t fit in or have a place in this world. It may be that you run into people who show you that something CAN be done. You also may see people who are in extreme suffering and it’s on you to NOT take that on. Chase after all thoughts that show there IS A WAY and be careful to not sink into despair if you see others who have not yet found their own way. Don’t buy into your future being empty. See that what you need will fill you up soon.

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