wednesday 25 august

OKAY THEN! This day is big and for many you will feel beyond scattered and unsure and boggled and super-cala-fragi-listically in a mysterious space of wonderment. And this is much like yesterday, so if you feel that way, go to yesterday’s reading to deliver.

BUT many of you are in a dream that is in its first steps where you can see that things are changing for you. This is about really asserting towards the ways you want to be living your life. There also will be the opportunity to do something better from a second, or third time around. You will be coming from the experience of walking this before and not feeling so good about how you did it back then. But you are wired to put things into order and to face what drags you down and keeps you in shame and blame.

You WILL see others acting hot headed and as if they can't stand another minute of how things have been. Be aware that you are to remain detached and operating in a new way where you digest them in a positive outlook. Sort of like seeing an alcoholic as one day BEING in recovery. Instead of seeing them as this current image and using words to say that they will always be this way. When in pain, we hide. ALL OF US are on Karma Earth to heal from the pain that gets us choosing for a lesser life. The pain convinces us that we are worth nothing and we do not deserve to be. So, YOU NEED TO PICK YOURSELF UP and listen to your higher self who is assuring you that YOU need to create the better day through seeing it and believing it could be.

TRIGGER WARNING. My Instagram time is spent watching dog and cat animal rescue groups. And I see SO MUCH PAIN that has me crying that this could happen. But I watch it and I hear it and I feel for it. And often, I get to also see how the animal comes around and then months later is up for adoption. It's my social addiction. I see pain, but so often SO MUCH BEAUTY. There is a dog there now that I’m watching who was a bait dog. She was one of those real sturdy strong squat pit bulls and was ripped to shreds. She got rescued by this guy who found her almost dead in his yard. He found the rescue group and raced in to try to save her. She is still fighting to stay alive. But they talk about how sad she is. And GOD. She looks so sad. It's the most heart breaking one I have seen so far because this little girl was thrown into torture when she is the most loving one of them all! The pit bulls are #1 loving over any other dog. They are like rose quartz. They are love. And she was so in pain and so hurt that her life was treated like trash. I wailed over seeing that poor baby. It also made me want to punch the wall. I was LIVID. 

But what will happen next is that if she makes it, she will be SMOTHERED in love and this girl will be happier than she ever thought she would ever get to see. It WILL be reversed. She WILL be a hero and a special baby girl in everyone’s eyes. She also may have been stolen from a good life in the first place – which is why she looked SO sad -- and this will be her getting back home to it.

So, if you feel like you have been treated like a bait dog and are so sad at how worthless you feel, just know that one day you’ll end up in someone’s yard and you WILL be rescued and loved like YOU DESERVE TO BE. We are to dream on Karma Earth as we sit in the gutters that earn us savings account dreams. Don’t buy into any extreme pain of current moments because there is another side of the story where you will not continue to see the same. You MUST believe you deserve to live here and deserve to be treated kindly – even if you have never seen such a thing. 


MOON PLANNER: Venus. Chiron.
MOON PHASE: Bring it forward
MOON DEGREES: 6 to 18 Aries
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #7 Settle into truth. #11 See why it had to be.

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