WEDNESDAY 21 December

Good morning and hello Winter Solstice! MOST of you are going to feel a huge shift around this day where now you will have clarity into what was backed up and blocked in your life. This can feel amazing because we are seeing that we OFTEN have NO CLUE what is going on in our lives, but then we get to this certain point, like with the sun rising, where then our past and future moves DO become clear.

We have been SO BACKED UP for the purpose of really testing how we handle not knowing what is going on and IF WE can still hold hopeful vibes that KNOW after “surgery” all will be better. The big test has just been seeing how you dance with the mystery and still hold hope for amazing outcomes that you maybe haven’t seen before. It is so easy for us to think of all that we have seen in our past and to stay locked into those narratives, replaying out trauma, over and over, because we know it so well. The pressure that has been wringing most of you out was there to get you going for more and seeing that what you have manifested is NOT valuing enough of what you really need in order to feel supported and on purpose in life.

We have been DONE with things not working out or going as planned SO THAT we can make the space for there being another door that is waiting to open. TRULY, you all know that good things coming on the tail of bad things is what makes the good things SO good. We need the polarity, and too much privilege is not a good thing! Too much money and ease and the ability to control what happens leads to being a neutral energy being who now NEVER feels the high of working for something that needs more than money to manifest it. People talk about creating their future, but the loudest voices here are actually buying the future they want to see. Not many are aren’t really coming from nothing to then manifest the great things. So they stay neutral and never really vibing in these outstanding ways THAT ONLY COME from walking the road of loss and being emptied out.

I have a client that is an author and prosperity coach but who has made big money and lost big money several times in her life. She has gone from $60,000 in debt to now digging her way out and becoming the master of her domain. But like I tell her, that she knows the debt side of things is what makes her wisdom so important. She has been where many of you are AND she got her way out of it. I told her she needs to write a book on it called, I fucked it up too. We need these experiences where people lose it all and come back from the dead even better than before. We NEED the empty, the suffering, the struggle, because that is the only way we can truly know that WE TOO can get out of our unsavory situations when we feel we have made too many mistakes.

We need to know that we don’t have to always be on top in order to manifest our dreams. And actually, we need to know all sides of the puzzle in order to truly gain the high times of pulling ourselves out of the gutter and getting back into the fast lane in life. If you don’t know the gutter, you don’t get to know the joy of how great it is to be going fast again. We need the things that feel like they hold us back – and MANY OF YOU are finally getting your way out of the gutter and into what will be a great 2023 where you KNOW the pain and now will be able to use it as fuel to get you farther in life. NOW you are ready to work for more and to see that YOU TOO can get out of the past and into something brand new that you haven’t even seen before. And you could not be where you sit today without all the extreme pressure of the last few months, or for all of 2022 for some of you. It has been brutal in order to get you growing stronger and more determined to turn this ship around RIGHT NOW.




MOON DEGREES: 29 SCORPIO to 13 SAGITTARIUS (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY: 1  2  3 



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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.