wednesday 20 october | full moon aries

Oh hello W E D N E S D A Y!

O H  M O O N!

We love when you go full in Aries and get us to really see where we are losing sight of the life that is available right now because we are focused on confusion and wondering and needing others to give us something that they aren’t readily providing. Where you have stayed locked into your mental spaces in processing the pros and cons and sides of things, you are to suddenly be liberated into some sort of full-on action that lets you know the time has changed, the energy has changed, it is 100% officially a new day for you all.

This means you have to understand how to navigate these waters – and it's about learning to let things go and make the priority that you move towards what supports you and empowers you to show your real side. When you sit in something that supports your journey, you will be able to go farther than if you sit in something that doubts you can do what you dream or wants you to be this other thing. When you live for others, it usually means you keep your own voice down in not really proclaiming your needs. 

But this energy wants you to see that when you live for you, you are there for others in better ways, and the boundaries are clear and empowering. We were programmed to fit into other people’s worlds and to bring them harmony so that WE THEN feel harmony from approval or acceptance. We look out to define who and how we should be -- but that is not the way for us to go. 

We first must be who we feel – which is why you all are feeling very strongly about how you need to break on through and get something in place that your body speaks loudly about you needing this certain level of support or safety, or this thing that is a crucial element in the rebuild of your life. When we are younger, we are happy with things that are mediocre. When we get older, we see it's better to speak clearly and to be patient with what we will allow into our lives. We are grabby for it all when younger, but we pull back and are selective when we have been living our truth for some time. Because none of the grabbiness will get us feeling empowered about our lives. It is the slow and steady process, where we fully dedicate to something that feels like our thing, that brings the rewards we TRULY seek. 

At this time, you know that YOUR THING is rising in you, and it will have you planting new seeds about what you need to sustain yourself and what sort of new role you would like to step into that deals with showing yourself in a more authentic way. You don’t have to fit in anymore! You just need to be clear, and patient, with the rebirth of your real side. 

The more you keep it real, the more you will be surrounded with partners and friends who are the real deal. Problems with others at this time are provocation to get you making your way known and moving with the changes that deal with you positioning yourself as essential. Understand that we are to attract new loves and new collaborations because of the higher value we are owning from within. There is a new life growing and it is going to be better than what you saw in your past. Believe, sweet love.


20 October 2021

MOON PLANNER: Mars. Pluto.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward

MOON DEGREES: 23 Aries to 5 Taurus


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self love. #13 Manifest it

FULL MOON 27 degrees Aries

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Thank you! So so needed this! Yes! Yes! Yes! I feel it!
Aquarius Nation Shop replied:
wonderful!! I’m so happy you are a morning bird in this energy! love you baby!!! xoxo ________________________________

Lauren October 21, 2021

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