wednesday 17 november

Oh my goodness. Things are getting big as we approach the number 3 of the 4 eclipses of 2021. And this energy is going deep inside your value system and checking out what you really keep hidden inside. Suddenly the front is falling away, and we are either very insecure, or very stoked about the new crop we are about to grow. You either are feeling a little sad because you don’t feel like you have what you need, or you are feeling good to go and gassed up for the big and beautiful journey.

It can have some people high on life as they made the connections into the truth that we must value ourselves in order to manifest the blessings and alchemize challenge into expansion and strength. From self-love, our world becomes color when before it was black and white. From self-love, our world feels possible instead of fearful where we don’t think there is enough to go around.

You were programmed to chase what supports the corporations thriving in business. All our media sources are corporations wanting us to follow along into being and thinking a certain way. Most of the directors are male and wanting to create the female image in movies from what they WISH them to be. And because we don’t know better, we follow right along and become what we are inundated in seeing. Those that promote with 5 and 6 figures a month are the “leaders” influencing us to follow. But are they really worthy of our attention, or did they just purposefully position themselves in the front of the class and force us to follow along? Do we innately follow from truth, or do we follow because dollars connect who and what we see?

In the new earth ways, our truth is so strong that ALL INJUSTICE is felt as a clear warning that something is wrong. We don’t always get the computer print outs on what is a NO, but we will feel different things that are like guides tapping us and getting us to rethink what we are automatically doing and following. Just like when you learn about factory farming or the recycling scam or what happens to babies who have ANY imbalance or disorder when they live in Russia -- the wisdom opens you to the truth of what you didn’t even think could be happening. It's such a surprise because you were programmed to think this other glossy and superimposed image was reality. So, get ready to shift. But face the dark that is rising now and see that we were born to rebuild this. We can’t hate how corrupt things are and we can’t feel shame for getting it wrong and not noticing the reality. What we can do is start planning the new crop and facing each and every toxic thing that stands in our way as we remember our truth to stand opposed to what creates decay. Old world chases death. New world chases life. Get used to it and steer your ship forever towards life.


17 November 2021

MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Mars. Uranus.

MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 2 to 13 Taurus


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self Love. #14 Complete the dream.

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**BEFORE YOU READ: I am kind of venting and I only want you to read this if you have the space and time. I don’t have any expectations of a response… I respect you, your time, your craft, and your space. Im just trying to articulate this spiritual war I’m in to you, bc I know you KNOW….ya know? Lol I feel like I’m crazy….

Crescent_sun_ (IG) : Thank you for this. I’ve been having rolling panic attacks out of nowhere – but I’ve noticed this underlying fear tied to what’s going on in the world…and feeling so helpless.

I’m usually a strong minded, positive person who reminds myself of shifting to a higher vibration, and remembering how our thoughts manifest effortlessly….

But there’s this….grip that it has on me. And idk if it’s to bring me more to my awareness, or if it’s trying to hinder my shift…like a Heyoka spirit…

I’ve been doing INTENSE shadow work for a few years now, and girl I WENT THROUGH IT. I accepted, forgave, released….broke ancestral cycles, toxic patterns, and improved the quality of my life (or perception of it) drastically. I actually feel like my life and marriage is in the best place it’s ever been….
But now, I have this intense anxiety.
Debilitating. Is this a test? Is my mind fucked bc I had the virus? I keep praying and asking for help….for grounding….is this bc I’ve been healing in HUGE ways and now I’m being tested? I mean what the eff??

I keep getting messages that I need to clean my vessel. Moving forward, I’m on a vegan/alkaline diet, meditation and sauna in the mornings, and only positive music and tv (when I watch it)…

I love you btw. I love that we’re existing at the same time…I admire you and I appreciate your messages – they ALWAYS resonate with me. Thank you so much. Sending you love.

Danielle Ramirez November 19, 2021

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