wednesday 10 november

Oh my gosh! This day is fierce!  Expect to feel totally altered today and driven beyond belief to stick with what you dream for and to really see that you are ready to reboot into a new pattern that will offer better opportunities for your future.

I asked you to make a list on November 1st of what you were going to give your 100% towards. Today is the first day of walking what you wish to see happen. And it is PERFECT because this day is rock solid in getting you to face something and to truly not let go no matter how many downer people try to tell you it can't be done.

I highly recommend the Colin Kaepernick documentary on Netflix! It is wildly good, and I was bummed that it wasn’t longer and going into more of his life. But the point was huge in getting you to hold onto your dreams and to never let go – KNOWING there is a reason you feel called to certain things. This is the most perfect movie to ground you into a new level of patience and hope for what seems long to birth and deep in your heart as an important thing.

You know what I’m talking about. You have something in you that has felt strong like it is your thing. In the same way I always knew I would move to San Francisco since I was a kid living in Illinois – and did move there at 24. At 23 I stepped foot in New Mexico for the first time and knew I would live there one day and have a Subaru. I moved here at 37 and have only had Subarus. I always knew I wanted to be a writer, and my high school teacher thought I was the best, but my college teacher thought I should find another major. I listened to the college professor and didn’t share my writing with anyone until I launched my career at 41 – to just see if maybe you all were like my high school teacher. I KNEW I really wanted to communicate with people in this way, but nothing in life opened doors for me to do that. Until this one certain time in my journey when I got fired from another café job and was like, fuck it. Let’s do this. MAYBE I am getting fired and still with only $5 to my name, for YEARS, because I am supposed to follow my heart?

This energy wants you following what feels passionate and important to you – and with gusto where you are NOT GOING TO BACK DOWN. I can say that now in my career, I don’t care about algorithms or any sort of judgement from others. I KNOW I am supposed to be here doing this work and it is SO NATURAL. My path has unfolded with ease, even though it always has been a bit too much to hold, but it welcomed me when I finally said, OKAY LETS DO THIS.

So, EXPECT to get that same wakeup call within – but also know, what moved me into your attention was getting fired and things that were uncomfortable to have to live. It IS a part of the process. You have learned it from me for years, now go watch Colin tell you his story and see that you can trust the slow parts of your journey when you don’t feel like you have a home. Things DO add up in the long run and there is purpose for it all -- even if we spend years in confusion trying to understand why it had to be.

I was in the ascension ditch for over 10 years. I hear people talk about this year or the past 2, and I’m like, imagine 10, and with no internet to console and support. And when I was first accepted in my career, and in your welcoming arms, was when I finally stopped doubting the journey I was put through. Now I am GRATEFUL for being wrung out and kept out in the cold as I lost it all. Now I understand how it made me into the support system that I am. We don’t empower from above until we have walked down below. So trust how you feel wrung out and not getting the attention you seek, HONORING that still there is a timing to things that needs to play out for the ultimate purpose of getting you into prime position.



10 November 2021

MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Mars. Saturn. Uranus.

MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 3 to 15 Aquarius


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

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