MAY 19 | Thursday

We have another interesting day that will bring up tons in your body but where you may have to fight to NOT go low as you look out and see so much that feels unacceptable. Many are sleep walking today where there are things on their mind that deal with wondering how to rebuild and make something better. This energy has people AT ATTENTION in wanting to do what they can do – while also feeling overwhelmed in thinking too much has been done wrong.

If you feel depressed today or lower than normal see it as a gateway that is going to help you get up and do something about what is falling apart or no longer pleasing you. We are to get into rebuild mode where we open to a solution even if we have never seen one in our past. This will be a block that holds many of you back because ALL you can see is how you feel you are being controlled or kept from the life of your dreams. The story is not yet told on how you get up the mountain so do what you can to stop trying to write scenarios that only deal with a speedy journey about getting to the destination. We are to embrace the challenging jobs and be there with them until completion! There are steps in between that need us allowing a process to play out so that we can experience the vibration of walking our talk up the mountain.

NO ONE gets a free ride right now because we really need to understand the process we are in! Do what you can to surrender, but also be aware that there are choices to make and not everything is what you are to grab onto and think of as your thing. Some people or provoking situations may be like an avalanche that pulls you back into old memories or even spaces that make you feel like you are too messed up to know success.

We are thinking about success THROUGH the eyes of all that we see as mistakes – so be softer with yourself as you appraise what you think of as too much to come back from. IT IS HERE for you to grow stronger in not letting any one thing be what keeps you from trying. If you get slammed backwards by another person who is dishing out something you KNOW you don’t want to eat, but DID take a bite out of, pull your attention cords out of them and do something like working in the garden where you can build something and put effort towards bringing more life to things. Don’t stay in what pulls you down the mountain. Allow the error to be what positions you back in the game. NO ONE is allowed to give up at this time because what pushes you down just wants to see if you value yourself enough to try again in a different way. Try, try again.


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