tuesday 28 september

Oh hello T U E S D A Y!


Good morning sweet beauties! Something happened last night while you slept where a part of your brain will now be sparking and allowing you to see different things. Get ready for this to be HUGE. How this affects you all will relate to what is your greatest wound and IS the thing that got you off track over the last 8 years. A cycle now changes as you see the error of your ways, accepting that trial and error is a beautiful part of life.

We must first believe in something, and then see it is not what we believe, in order to get us further up the spiritual journey. It is a gateway point that is a trickster teaching you with something unique. Just like in the early spiritual spaces we are really judgmental because we now hold all this information, and it makes us feel powerful and in the know. But then further up the spiritual journey you hold no judgmental thoughts and don’t talk negative at all – for reasons you will discover when you get there.

But there are identified characteristics that we all show as we move through these life stages and growth spurts. To leap with faith, yet to fall on our face, is when we grow the most. We get to see that the leap IS possible and we CAN come outside the lines – but we also learn to be more discerning as we then look back and see that our body DID warn us or something WAS a bad sign.

So, we need the trial and error in order to really rise above our egoic ways. If our ego is hurt, we are not normal with it, until we can heal it again. And ALL our egos are on the floor crying! We are a hurt bunch of peoples. But we also have got to stop inflicting the hurt that we so do not want to see any more of in our lives. We know what we don’t want to receive, so we have GOT TO stop dishing it out.

This time is letting you know where it is time to start over and USE YOUR MIND to adult the new dream into place. You must talk with the love of it and the hope of it and with full body knowing that the solutions you need will come. You don’t need to waste your energy on worrying about what you will have to face on the journey ahead. You are given permission to focus only here and to make that enough. You can trust that higher forces are watching out for you and KNOW that you can handle what is on the way. So, follow what supports and feels nurturing to the growth of what could be. Your body is showing you where you need to reach. And synchronicity will make that a sure thing. Signs come to set you free – AFTER you take a leap of faith.



28 September 2021
MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Mars.
MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.
MOON DEGREES: 27 Gemini to 8 Cancer

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