TUESDAY 27 December

SO! Lets get back to the energies!! I told you WE ALL will get some sort of amazing blessing that steers us into a better direction by the end of the year. And I also told you how 2022 was about getting us to merge into this totally different space, but where it would take our all to let go of the path we THOUGHT we would be taking. I also told you since the beginning of this year that for most of you, it would take the entire year for you to really see how you need to change. For me, I see how March brought about the signs of change, but that I didn’t want to face it! I thought of it as a nightmare. But come December, I reconsidered and saw it as a blessing. But yes, where I was leaning toward making a change in March, I finally am now making in December. But in March I was resistant and in December I fully surrendered.

So with that, see how you too were being cornered into making a change that seemed impossible or where it would NOT be what you dream, but that over time, it IS what you need. We are in deep surrendering times where we are stepping into our CO-creator shoes and recognizing that there is a divine plane for our lives that is NOT necessarily one that we can manipulate and fabricate to our wishes. I used to say about living in Santa Fe that the moment you think you got it all figured out, and you think you are the master of it all, the powers that be of this powerful location takes it all away from you. The moment your ego is in charge, in thinking you are on top of the world, is the moment The Land of Enchantment pulls the rug out from under you.

Living in New Mexico, where the energies are SO ALIVE and dancing side by side with you, you learn to walk with GRACE and to accept that you have the choice to interpret what comes your way, but there ultimately is this other game at play that is teaching you to go with the flow and to realize that storms CAN come and take everything you built and tear it down to nothing when you least expect it. We never do know what lessons we are here to experience, but it is best to NOT think that we are so bulletproof as to only walk the high road experiences in life. We can manipulate that position, but it creates weak spots that can collapse later in time. This is why we need to be slow, solid, sure and going step by step up our mountains. Our egos think we need to be on top and we need to get all this attention. But the depth of our magic only wants to SERVE. And how, where and when is on the Great Mystery to decide.

So. With that. As we near the end of 2022, which will go down in history as one of our hardest years, do what you can to meditate and surrender in watching how the signs are bringing you to new views, new paths, new drives in life. I remember when I was 27 and I was into fashion design, and how SUDDENLY I decided I wanted to influence people on the inside instead of the outside -- and thus the career you see me in now was born. It came out of nowhere and it felt SO RIGHT. Our lives are full of forks in the road, and in these “migrating times” we are moving along into new spaces when it’s time for us to take leaps of faith or risks of the heart where we go for something that FEELS like we are to be doing this. We are NOT to have all the answers and all the insight to what things mean before we actually walk them and experience them. We are to be in limbo and a bit clueless about how this will go, but to still see that THIS new thing is our thing.

It is time to let go and move on, to process differently and to surrender to your higher plan. Things are changing because you are changing, and the light will reveal at perfect timing. Don’t worry, be happy. We graduate and move to new levels at this time, and just like when we leave high school or college, we DO get sad in the last days. So HONOR that your body may want to cry and will not feel so comfortable as you really DON’T know which way to go. But that is okay!!! We don’t know until we know, but when we DO know, we feel high as a kite for finally seeing the way. Your fog will lift when it’s supposed to. So sit with love in your heart and KNOW that all of this IS for your highest good.




MOON DEGREES: 29 Aquarius to 13 Pisces (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY: 1  8  9 



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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.