tuesday 26 october

Oh hello T U E S D A Y!


Good morning beauties! This day is going to have you noticing new things in your body that are guiding you to make a decision that deals with you starting over and doing something a different way. This also can have you feeling real uncomfortable and grumpy if things are not going your way. Honor that your feelings matter, and if you don’t feel good, you just need to make a decision that deals with you rebuilding how it has been done. 

Old world things can feel like a million pounds and they also can be where you get stubborn and won’t move because this doesn’t feel right. I have always been super sensitive to corruption and lies and things that are not what they seem. But it's not like I get print outs on WHY I feel this way; I just feel this way. And now with several decades under my belt I know that I don’t need to know the details, I just need to go when I feel the things that now I know are warnings. It took me walking into many wrong situations in order to now be able to know WHAT is a wrong situation, and that always warnings do come. 

Your body is getting stronger when things are too tight for you, and it can have you talking louder than normal. Be okay with it on today because you are charting a new course and realizing, or waking up to, the truth that you can start over no matter how late you think you are to the party. It actually is never too late and there is no reason to talk like you have missed any boats. 

Be super aware of how you are communicating and notice that you are wanting to see the beauty and to talk like you do have every right to be here thriving in the world unfolding. It is only when you are in the incorrect places that your voice jumps into scarcity. When in lush lands of support, you aren’t talking so negatively. But just like a smoke alarm, it serves a perfect purpose. If you are annoyed, you are in the wrong spaces. Honor this and value your alarms that just want you to pay attention to the safety of your own body. 

Many of you will not feel safe today, and it's because of choices in your past when you did not use your voice. But now is when you are to start over and begin a new pattern of what you require to keep you feeling supported and held in life. Just like how I told you that I feel so supported in Taos and now other things don’t really affect me. Even if I have to walk near the edge of a scarcity cliff, I still trust that I am here for good reasons and I will be led to safety. Nothing makes me think anything is wrong. But it all came from a solid foundation. Like a mama who takes care of her babies and therefore the babies are trusting that their needs will be met.

There are ways YOU need to chirp louder about what you need to be put into place and you need to see that your wishes will be granted. Be loud and clear, but don’t think like you won't get what you want. Let that old way release from your system. Start new in seeing that everything is working out in your favor, actually.



26 October 2021

MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Mercury. 

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 5 to 16 Cancer


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be.

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