Oh moon! We love when you go NEW in Aries and get us amped up in wanting to now do things our way and to the tune of what we are feeling inside. This is what I call midlife crisis energy because it is getting you to wake up and get going into the heart of what truly matters TO YOU. This is when we say goodbye to ways that our energy is sucked dry from what we have said yes to in our past.

What we learn on the healing journey is that where we are wounded, we say yes to many things that others would say no to. If you were not shown love, you WILL go for people who show you the same. They will be unrequited love affairs where you keep attracting those who put distance between you and how you want them to be.

The current energy is wiping the slate clean in ways that we don’t really see what we are doing, like how we name what is wrong in our lives without giving room for the correction to be. We only stay focused on the glass half empty and into how upset we are that things are not going as planned. This new moon is ushering in fresh energy that deals with cutting through the illusion and setting us free to move forward in new ways.

Many of you will feel sick leading up to this energy because we are literally detoxing from old mental patterns that were dead set on taking us over the cliff into a life that will never make us happy. So we are being stopped, and thrust into limbo so that we let go and allow our bodies to lead us into better days. The resistance you feel is from being on the wrong path where now your body is trying to stop you from automatically just going along with what others expect from you.

There is an awakening vision inside your mind that deals with creating new relationships through valuing your way OUT OF old relationships that you felt obligated to be involved in. It is okay to say no and to draw boundaries around ways you allowed others to treat you in the past that now don’t feel honoring or with integrity. You are growing and it will be showing that you need to get larger sizes and more room than you accepted in your past. This MAY create growing pains where you expand into a new idea on where you want to be, but then you will get a migraine or won’t be able to move BECAUSE of the releasing of old mental patterns that before could not even imagine the great heights you NOW are shooting for.

So expect a back and forth with the expansive ways you are about to be moving into. This is a situation of 3 steps forward and 5 steps backwards -- but after you go back to write a new story on how things WILL BE, then you will quickly move into the new paradigm you are manifesting and there won’t be any more dance moves taking you backwards before getting on with it and getting into the design of your most amazing new dream.

KNOW that this time wants more from you – BUT the evolving space deals with something from your past that just needs you to upgrade this or do it from the new conscious you. Going back will be like finding gold and getting to that nugget that somehow shows you that you needed to move in the erratic ways that have been your last few months – or years. But that old story is OVER and now it’s on you to take charge of where you want to be because this energy hears what you are saying and expecting. It’s time to see that you matter and just because something WAS doesn’t mean it will continue to be. Cut the cord and get moving. Holding to misery is not where you need to be.


I am ready to expand

Into the life of my dreams

Where I have held hidden

The truth of what would make me happy.

I am going deep to soul search --

Where I will honor my feelings

And allow them to guide my new way.


Which everyone will know how things go,

Because clarity of mind is mine

And my voice now sings of stories

Where I am getting to the other side

And expanding into a life that feels free.

I am not staying the same and

Changed is the direction you will find me.





MOON DEGREES: 25 Pisces to 8 Aries (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  3  4


NEW MOON in ARIES: 11:23 AM Mountain Time 1 degree Aries.


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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.