tuesday 14 september

Oh hello T U E S D A Y! 

Today is when a huge part of your life is no longer standing, and it is 100% for the better! You now are disconnected from an old parasite that manipulated how you see things and how your mind could be conned into believing in some hidden agenda thing. 

You will notice today that you are super chatty with yourself and will be cracking up over jokes or with seeing to the other side of things in your mind. You may let out snickers as you process data that now is not EVEN where you used to be thinking. It can crack you up, and even make you snort, to see how wrong you got it from buying into this manipulated way you were FORCED to get it. Drink milk! It makes you healthy! – like, now marketing attempts will make us laugh as we stand more solid in saying, BUT, WHY? Don’t just tell me I need to do this thing -- but show me that it is the best thing for me. 

If things are false and of the old world, our feet will start to move away from – but also NOT get tangled in them. The old world ways got us wanting to fight for what we think we need and to get too often loud when we need to just move on.

I was out hiking on this trail the other night and came upon these people who had weird faces looking at me. I was processing why they seemed irritated or mad or, I didn’t really know, but then I saw they had a dog that wasn’t good around other dogs. And as my MOST friendly dog does, he ran up to greet. And they freaked out! The woman was screaming NO NO NO! And the guy was pulling his dog away and trying to not let them have contact. It was super dramatic and at a bias to what was just flowing -- and I said, “I have never seen this before on the trail!” And the woman said, “I have lived here for 40 years!!” And I was like, “Oh. No. I didn’t mean about you. I mean I have never seen this sort of thing on this trail. I have only seen friendly.” And she said, “Well, this is not a friendly dog.” And I got my dog to me and then I put the leash on him and picked my dog up and forcefully make him look in the opposite direction while I soothed him and got him to be stoked about getting back to his wonderful hike vibes again.  After what WAS a violation and trauma inducing.

And you know I am all animal activist as my main focus for being of service. But I still say that dogs who create that much trauma for everyone else are NOT allowed on these harmonious love trails UNLESS the owner has a backup plan for how to handle when they run into someone else. This is a popular trail, so they SHOULD NOT have been out there without some mode of action to dissipate it affecting everyone else around them.

We don’t get to be assholes and not work on ourselves – no matter who’s fault it is that we act badly. In the old world, you act the way they did -- and that is acceptable. In the new world, you have the BEST treats, a cover, essential oils, soothing hands stroking their bodies, and purposeful things to distract your mis-programmed dog and things READY for not allowing this bad behavior to just play out badly. The need for modification must be anticipated. And not just looking at me like a bunch of mad people because I now will set their dog off. 

Be better even if you have something flawed to deal with. Also, because bringing trauma to others is karma that keeps bringing trauma to ourselves. We have to stop the cycle of pain – and it's through modifications. We need treats, oils, crystals, distractions and things to get us remembering that we DON’T have to fight the world and DON’T have to push away what is loving and kind and DON’T have to keep acting and thinking like the old world did us wrong. Enough of any focus on the old world in these new days. It's all about HOW to be better and how to modify what is a limp that just needs extra support to not spark others into having to limp too. Karma CAN be a PAIN and we GOT to stop voting for what gets us more of the pain. Bliss awaits when you face what seriously needs modifications to bring about better futures. We are here to fix. We must face the rebuild with love and grace no matter what hits us in the face.  


14 September 2021
MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling
MOON DEGREES: 27 Sagittarius to 10 Capricorn
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be. #13 Manifest it.

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