TUESDAY 10 January

Let’s first stop and give attention to the fact that Mars goes Direct tomorrow!! I promise you that THIS is what is causing disruptions or where your plans have been going off kilter. This is why you may be saying that nothing is working and that you don’t even know what to do. Expect a wave of answers and energy to start building over the next few days. By the weekend, you should feel reborn and in a totally new position.

Until then. Expect that today is all about making yourself a priority and going in whatever direction that leads you to be. We are seeing that we ARE valuable and that we DO deserve things that we maybe haven’t even seen in our past. We are being asked to be creative and to face what IS working or what path IS showing that it supports you or is something that will help you grow. You should be starting a new plan around now where you will need to apply discipline and steady focus in order to see this become what you dream. So there is the element of not yet having what we want, but still feeling that we are really close and that each step we take is somehow getting us to see the bigger picture of what we are working for and where we next will be heading.

You also may have tight muscles or shoulder pains or something showing up from the resistance you are feeling at not having your life move as you wish it to be. We all wish we had the answers of when and what it will be like, but we have those limbo situations BECAUSE we need to pull back and be in the void as we conjure up and wait for what will bring more joy into our lives.

If you are depressed and down and not where you want to be, that is okay! If not for these uncomfortable scenarios that make us feel lost and confused, we wouldn’t build steam to get to new levels in life. We need to bottom out in order to get around how our ego thinks things need to be. From ego, we think the light should always be shining our way, but just like plants that stay in 24 hour sunlight, they end up burning out and losing their passion for what they are here to be. We need the inhale that creates space for the exhale.

So just be patient as you wait for Mars to open your gates again and get you going in a better direction, in the best way you are to be leading your life forward. What you THOUGHT from the past few years is not how it's going to be for your next few years. So we really need you letting it all go and trusting that what is here to support and elevate you is changing, and when the dots connect it will all be clear. Just do what you can to love whatever spaces of the cooking process you are in. You may think some people are already coming out of the oven with their ideas and it can have you feeling like you are late or behind the times. Just don’t waste your mental space on making yourself the victim and seeing that your life is flawed in any way.

Remember that I was on the way to homelessness after having to leave another toxic living environment from landlords that aren’t actually Taos locals and don’t actually live here and vibe in these enchanting ways. And even though I had to be out on the 31st of December, I didn’t sign a lease and start moving in until 3pm on the 1st of January. So. I was hanging by a thread and didn’t know which way to go until the very moment arrived. But I now am in the best of the best homes I have ever lived in. I have all these things that I have asked for over the years. My body LOVES the new space, and that is something I haven’t experienced before. But. I also KNEW the Great Mystery would bring me something last minute. It is where my thoughts started and stayed. By the looks of it, I WAS going to end up losing it all and living out of my car, but I refused to see that my destiny was to see my dreams NOT work out. So follow my lead and hold to your higher vision. DO NOT stay pressed to the fears of how you may end up tumbling down and finding out that you are NOT supported. See that something amazing is on the way and that when Mars goes direct it will find you. See that this may not make sense to YOU but it does make sense to your divine plan and your ultimate reason for being here now.




MOON DEGREES: 26 LEO to 7 VIRGO (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)





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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.