Thursday November 3

Today is going to take many of you by storm where your emotions will be strong over things that before wouldn’t phase you. You may be looking out at life and feeling super emotional about what needs to be fixed or that is out of balance. It can feel overwhelming because things feel too big and where there aren’t clear solutions on which way to go.

With this energy, you are being asked to pull back and get some space from the hustle and bustle of life. There are answers and solutions coming but they arrive on the tail of you unplugging or doing meditation or going for a hike in the mountains. You first need to surrender and sort of give up on pounding away at things, and you instead are to be letting it all go and watching for the signs to lead you. If the street light is still red, don’t beat your head against the steering wheel because you want it to be green. We need to face what is taking longer than planned with love in the heart and trust that other elements are coming together that will make things clear when the time is right.

You also may be in some relationship dance where another is trying to dominate, and it somehow is making you want to stay quiet or not really speak your truth. Just know that you ARE to come out of the shadows and talk about what you are feeling. This may cause others to feel uncomfortable, but your body is trying to say something, and it needs to reach the light. You also may have to cancel plans or let someone down who was counting on you. Just know that your feelings are stronger today and they MOST LIKELY want you going against the grain in doing what YOU need to do. Don’t worry if others don’t approve. It is in the energy to have to stand in your truth and not back down. Don’t guilt trip yourself into thinking you have to do what others want you to do. Today is on you to decide.

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